Harry Potter art

I am a gigantic Harry Potter fan!!  
This month is his birthday, so like in years past, I'm doing a project 
in honor of one of my favorite books!

Since my daughter is a huge fan too, I made an art piece for her wall 
with a favorite Harry Potter saying.

I'm excited to be celebrating this special month with many other HP fans at 

Go there to check out many exciting projects.

Now back to business-

I started with a raw wooden 8x10 frame I purchased from a craft store.

Using regular craft paint, I painted the frame black.
Then I gave it a coat of Satin Varnish.

Then I dusted off some older letter stamps and got some glow in the dark paint (which does glow in the dark after it's been "charged" by being in the light)...

to write a little message at the bottom of the frame.  

I whipped up a little printable to put inside the frame.
You can download a copy here.  

I found a wooden lightening bolt at the same craft store I bought the frame. 

I glittered it up with some gold and silver glitter.  
Then I drilled a tiny hole in the top to put it on a jump ring.  

Then I tied some ribbon around the frame with the lightening bolt attached.

So just like the Mauraders Map on Harry Potter, the message of the art is
"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

At the bottom of the frame in glow in the dark paint, it says,
"Mischief Managed."

Love it!!