Patriotic Home Decor

Today I'm sharing my home decked out for July 4!

Last week on Instagram I showed this ribbon flag.  

To make it, I took lengths of many spools (around 16) of ribbon.  
For some of the hanging ribbon I only used around 20 inches, some I used 60 inches of 
ribbon folded 3 times.  
Then I stapled it to a yard stick that I cut down to 20 inches.  
I cut a square of denim (from an old pair of pants) and hand painted a star onto it.
The staples kinda stuck out so I flattened them with a hammer, then glued it all to the back of a vintage yardstick that I cut down too.
Then I tied some string to it and hang it on my front door.  

Now, onto the rest of the tour.

new mantel, with items from the past, 

a little vignette in my living room, 

kitchen window,

another vignette in the living room,

a pillow cover, sewn from an old table cloth

printables from here, here, here, here and here

I hope you have a Happy and Safe Holiday!!