8 year old baptism lds church

Today I'm sharing something very special to our family,
my son's baptism.

baptism, 8 years old, Mormon, church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints

My little man got baptized into our church over the weekend.  

It was a very special day for our family!!

In our area, we do baptisms, 1 child at a time, so this day was all about our boy!  

For the front table,I used a big picture 
of Kannon.
By the way, a professional camera isn't necessary. 
This pic was taken with my iPhone on our front porch.
I had the photos printed at Walgreens. 

I also made a photo collage with recent photos of him.

I also included a sign in sheet, with his name and baptism date.

I made the programs very simply in my word processing program.  
(please excuse the poor screen shot.)

I made the invitations in Pic Monkey.
There are quite a few steps to take to make an invitation, but it's not difficult to do.  
Here is a great tutorial how to do it.  

After the baptism we had donuts and bottled water.  

We gave these little skittles as treats too.

Baptism is a very important step.  
We are so proud of our little man for choosing to be baptized!
And we are thankful to all of those who supported us!