black white and gold Wall Gallery with vintage and found items

Today I'm sharing a wall gallery I recently put up in my living room.

The best thing of all is that I didn't buy anything!

I looked around my house and pulled things out of storage to come up 
with the items in my wall gallery.

I grabbed some frames from my stash and pulled out some prints and patterned paper.  
The top with sideways chevron is patterned paper with a wood grain.  I'm not sure what company made it as I've had it in my stash forever.

I've had the HOME sign for a while, I just gave it a fresh coat of Gold spray paint. 
And don't ya think the smoke detector looks great in the wall grouping? 

I used 2 of my grain sifters with a few #5's from my collection.  That's the beauty of having collections, is that you can use them over and over in various places.

The Gold Foiled print is from My Minds Eye.

I couldn't find a link to buy the actual print, 

This print is from the same print collection as above.

This cute stitchery was made by a friend of mine.  

I've been wanting a wall gallery for ages. 
I'm so glad I finally did it!

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