printable weekly calendar

My kids are back in school and our schedule is
 B U S Y !! 
We have kids at 3 different schools, in 2 different football programs, 
science club, early morning seminary, scouts, youth activities, band, etc etc.  
I'm sure you can relate!
I needed a way to keep track of it all, and I have found something that works for our family.

Google Calendar and a weekly printable calendar.

The first thing I use is Google calendar.   

I think I've talked about it before.  I can't say it enough- if you don't have it, GET IT!  
Google calendar is a lifesaver!

It's ONE calendar for our family, that anyone with access can see and update.  

I have access to it on my computer and my phone and so does my husband.
Even my kids have access to it on their phones. 

I keep track of all of our family events on our Google Calendar.

Once a month I print it out and put a paper copy on the fridge.  
Even though we all have electronic access, having a paper copy that we can all see,
 reminds us of what we're doing.

Then once a week I print off a weekly calendar.
I made this printable with my kids names.
You can get a blank copy here.

It has a spot for weekly to do's, a place to put each of my kids' activities 
and even a spot for dinner. 
That little dinner blank really holds me accountable to meal plan, 
something I've been terrible at, but am improving on.

This is what the messy side of my fridge looks like.  
The top calendar is our Google Calendar printed out.  
The bottom is the weekly printable family calendar.  

These 2 pieces of paper are what's helping to keep me on task and keep track of everywhere 
we're all supposed to be.

What do you use to help you keep track of everything?  

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