Favorite Things: end of summer edition

Happy First day of September!
It's still a million degrees here in TN, so it doesn't feel like Fall yet, but I know it's coming soon.

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite things that I enjoyed over the summer.

Did you know you could DIY microwave popcorn?
It's so simple, easy and healthy (until you add the gobs of butter and salt like I do)
Just put 1/4 cup of unpopped kernels into a brown paper bag, roll it over 3 times, put into the microwave and cook for around 2 minutes. It's awesome!

I found a new cleanser that I really like.
(this post contains amazon affiliate links)

I also really like this:  Olay CC cream.  It's lightly tinted and has sun screen.  
Some days I just wear this and no other make up.

Oh and I LOVE this mascara:  CoverGirl Super Sizer!  Seriously- I love the way 
my lashes look when I use it!

So I was wandering the isles at Walmart the other day and found these yummy bits 
of deliciousness in the Asian foods section.  That's right- Hi Chew's at Walmart.  
If you haven't tried them, you should, they are tasty.  
A bag normally costs $3+, but at Walmart they are only $1.50.

Speaking of Walmart, check out these cute, colorful rag rugs I got there. 

Last, but not least, since it's close to fall, my FAVE candies are back in stock!
Caramel Apple Sugar babies.  oh so good.  Go get ya some!  You're welcome!