Christmas Home Tour 2015

Today I'm sharing my Christmas Home Tour.

Everything starts right at the front door.    
See more info post here.

Inside the door is our bookshelf.  
For Christmas we have it dressed up with nativities and our Christmas books.

Above is a grain sifter with some favorite photos clipped on.

I love these Nativities.
The Little People one is my favorite!!
We've had it since my kids were small.  Every time one of us walks by,
we push down the Angel and it sings Away in a Manger.  
Even my teenagers still love to do this!

The living room.

Our Christmas tree.  
I put it into a galvanized tub and love how it turned out!

I reused snowflake ornaments, silver balls, and white pom pom garland from years past.

Just so you don't feel sorry for my kids- 
we have a colorful tree upstairs in our playroom that
they decorated themselves with all of their ornaments 
they get every year and their handmade ones.

DIY snowglobes with epsom salt and mini trees.

The cars are actual vintage cars my husband played with as a child.

Now onto our dining room.

I just love this Rosemary Christmas tree I picked up at Home Depot.  
It is beautiful and smells wonderful!

No Christmas decor is complete without a poinsettia.
This white one was purchased from a school fundraiser.

The other side of the dining room.

See more of our Christmas Mantel.

I would love to have a huge, fancy tablescape, but we eat at this table every day and my husband doesn't appreciate having to look through candles and flowers to be able to see all of us.  
So this is real life table decor! :)

Santa collection on our picture ledge shelves.

I love adding little touches of Christmas here and there.  
Including above my kitchen cabinets.

I spruced up our kitchen dish shelf with bottle brush trees, 
Santa mugs and Christmas dishes.

And last, the window ledge above our kitchen sink. 
A small fabric tree that was a gift many years ago, some ivy plants and 
mini red poinsettias that are so cute and make my day.

I had so much fun decorating my house.  I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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