Gingerbread House decorating with kids

Are you looking for a fun Christmas activity to do with your kids?

We like to do traditional Gingerbread houses, in a non traditional way!

I have a secret weapon to gingerbread house success...


The first few years we made Gingerbread houses, we used the cookie kits
purchased from the store.
The houses kept falling apart and the candy wouldn't stick.

So I looked around for other ideas and came up with graham crackers 
put together with a glue gun.

It was a TOTAL game changer!
No more houses falling apart and the candy actually stays on!

I gathered various treats including:
chocolate chips
hot tamales
red hots
red and green gum drops
cherry sours
orange slices 
& a new addition this year:  coconut flakes

We put store bought frosting in baggies and cut the tips off for a piping bag.

This is such a fun activity for young and not quite as young!

My cute teenage daughter loved it!

My teenage son even got into it. 
Even if he didn't care for the taste of the coconut!

Here's how our gingerbread houses turned out:  
Our little man really got into the snow, aka coconut!

This is my husband's and my gingerbread house, 
sharing a plate and facing one another.  AWW!  

To display them, I put them onto a plate stand and a cake plate that is on top of my fridge. 
Perfect display place and it keeps little fingers out of the candy!