Thursday, March 24, 2016

Heidi Swapp nested envelopes with gift idea #hallelujah

As you can tell from all of my previous posts (links at the end of the post) this week,
I've been involved with a campaign for the LDS church #HALLELUJAH.

Amazing bloggers made printables for all of us to use, 
and I'm lucky enough to be able to make blog posts about them.

Today I'm sharing a beautiful idea by Heidi Swapp, 
that I used to make a gift.

I've had the opportunity to take classes from Heidi a time or two and she really is amazing!

She made these nested envelopes, with the Easter story of Jesus Christ.

You can download them use them for yourself.

Get the printables here.

I downloaded the envelopes, 
printed and folded them, and then put them all together or nested them.

I closed each of the envelopes with washi tape.

I found this cute little hyacinth plant from Walmart.
I love hyacinths; they are beautiful and smell so good!
I didn't love the plastic yellow paper that came with it though, so I removed it.

I pulled out some gold chevron wrapping paper from my stash.

I cut the wrapping paper into a piece about 24 x 48.  
Then cut it in half so there were 2 squares about 24 x 24.

Then I wrapped the paper around the plant and used the gold elastic cord 
that originally came on the plant.

Then I pulled out some coral ribbon from my stash and tied it around the plant.

Then using a wooden clothespin, I attached the nested envelopes.

Doesn't that make a beautiful gift?!

Here are the links to all of the posts I did, 
along with links to all of the talented designers.
Please check them out.

Remember the printables are for personal use only.
If you make them or share them on social media, use the #HALLELUJAH

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  1. Wow, you made a WalMart plant look amazing! I need to do those for my visiting teaching girls. So cute. Thanks for sharing!


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