Tuesday, May 24, 2016

End of year gifts

We are on the last few days of school!

I put this message up on my cute Heidi Swapp lightbox.

I am madly working to finish everything
 up and be ready for my kids to leave school.

For my son's elementary school teacher, we are going to give him an itunes gift card 
with this printable.  It's perfect since he's a big apple fan!

We know a couple of cute girls who graduated this year.  
I redid the poem that I did a few years ago.
I put a bunch of candy in a cute bucket and then added the poem 
with curly ribbons in school colors.

You can get the chalkboard graduation printable one here.

It's also the end of flag football season for my little one.
We made up these football bags for each member on the team.  

To make the bags:
I used brown paper lunch sacks and put white card stock strips in the general shape of football laces.
Then I cut a triangle of red felt for the pennant shape.
I wrote each player's name onto the pennant with white puffy paint.
The boys loved seeing their names on the pennants.

We've got our gifts all in a row and are ready for the year to be done!
Bring on Summer!!

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