Spring Porch- galvanized bucket and repurposed vintage cooler flower planters

Today I'm going to share my Spring Porch
with how what I planted.

galvanized buckets, planters, sweet potato vine, vintage containers

Every year one of the things I look forward to most
in the Spring is planting flowers!

galvanized buckets as planters

There's something so therapeutic about getting out in the dirt 
and having something beautiful to show for it.

planter, flea market, plaid cooler

I found this awesome cooler at the flea market a few weeks ago 
and thought it would make a great planter.  
I looked and looked (around the town I live in) for other pots to go with the cooler
and couldn't find anything I liked.  
If only I'd thought about it while I was at the flea market last time, 
I could have picked up a few more buckets or something similar.

tractor supply company

My searches eventually lead me to
Tractor Supply Co (not sponsored or affiliate)
where I found these galvanized metal buckets.  
They were perfect!

Actually a little too perfect.
They have a really shiny finish, but I'm a fan of rusty and crusty.  
So I tried this method to age them.  It didn't work.
Then I tried this method.  It just made the surface slightly less shiny.
Those buckets from TSC will stand up to the elements, that is for sure!! 

So I just decided to hit them with a little dusting
of textured spray paint.  (amazon affiliate link)
Then I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage.

(images from my Pinterest page)

I found some great ideas on Pinterest for flowers.

Everything I read said that for beautifully balanced pots, one needs
a thriller, or a plant that spikes up and adds interest,
a filler, flowers that fill in the spots and add prettiness,
and a spiller, something that spills out of the planter.

what to plant in pots

I purchased all of my plants at Lowes.

Back at home I filled the buckets up with potting soil.
In the soil, I then carved out holes for the plants so that the top of the roots of the plant
is even with the top of the soil in the planter.
Then I tucked soil all around the plants.
I repeated this same process with every flower I planted.

galvanized buckets, sweet potato vine

I stacked a skinny bucket onto the large round one.
I put a clay pot in the bottom bucket upside down 
for the top bucket to have 
something stable to sit on.

I placed the buckets onto a vintage crate 
my mother in law gave me.

Next to that I placed 2 smaller pots into a little red wagon.
I placed a cage type thing in the pot on the right 
so the sweet potato vine with have 
something to climb on.

I love this little cooler!
I didn't want to put holes in the bottom of this, 
so I used a bucket with holes in the 
bottom as a planter and set that inside the cooler.

For thriller plants I chose Spike Dracaena.
For filler, I chose Petunias, Dusty Miller and Vinca.
For spiller, I chose Sweet potato vine and Setcreasea.

I also planted some marigolds
(in addition to all of my perenials that I've planted over the years)
in my front garden.  I can't wait until all of the plants grow and it all fills in!

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