DIY slipper chair upholstery

Recently I refreshed our Living Room.
The first project I completed was recovering our slipper chairs.

This is what the chairs looked like before.
Not bad, but it was time to freshen them up.

I had a hard time finding fabric that was sturdy, but didn't cost a million dollars.
So I was super excited to find this chambray tablecloth from Target.  It was perfect!!! 
I cut it in half and it was exactly enough fabric to recover both chairs.
I did not hem the fabric.  The only prep I did was ironing it to get out the wrinkles.

The chair has screws underneath, so I undid them all.

The chair came apart in 2 pieces.

Then I started the upholstery.

These are all of the tools I used in the upholstery:

a staple gun,
flat head screw driver,
diagonal cutting pliers,
needlenose pliers (not pictured),
straight pins

I didn't take off the old fabric, I just went right over it with my new fabric.
I pinned the fabric, pulled it tight and then stapled it. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
This was not a quick or easy process.  
I would staple the fabric, then pull the staples out to adjust it, then re-staple.
It took a lot of trial and error.

Along the sides of the chair, the staples are a little bit visible.  I'm ok with that.
But if you're not, you could use upholstery tacks or ribbon to disguise the staples.

What a difference!

The new blue fabric is so much lighter!

Step 1 of the Living Room refresh is complete.
I'll be back to show the rest soon!