Football Garden Flag DIY

Since football season is in full swing with the NFL, college 
and high school teams all playing,
I made a Football Season flag for my front porch.

It is a a DIY Football Season garden flag.

I used burlap from the fabric store for the base of the flag.

My finished flag is 13" x 18" so I cut a piece of burlap about 14.5" across
and about 22" long.  

I misted the burlap with a spray bottle 
and ironed all of the creases out.

Then I folded the ends over twice, pressed the hem and 
sewed it on my sewing machine. 

I just used my regular needle and it worked fine.  

It made a very nice, clean edge.

I folded the top down about 2 inches and 
sewed it to make a pocket to hang the flag.

For the football, I purchased a shape from the silhouette store.

The "football season" is the font Chunk Five Ex 
that I got from

I cut the designs out with freezer paper.
Freezer paper is paper that has a wax backing.  
Once it is heated (like with an iron) it will adhere to whatever surface 
it is on and act as a stencil.
It can be purchased in the grocery store, near the baggies and foil

I used the "copy paper" setting on my silhouette.

A tip for cutting freezer paper:  make sure the mat is very sticky 
and use a scraper to make sure the entire piece of paper 
is stuck to the mat without any bubbles.

If it's not stuck onto the mat well or if there are bubbles in the paper,
 it will get caught in the silhouette machine and tear.

I used regular brown craft paint for the football, 
with white puff paint accents.

I used white fabric paint for the words.

Make sure to put paper behind the design because the paint bleeds through.

I hung the flag from my garden flag stand.
(get similar here- amazon affiliate link)

I love it near my front door where you 
can see our football door hanger.