Friday, September 16, 2016

Taco Party- relief society activity

I just love planning parties!!
I love any and all excuses to celebrate!

My calling at church is to plan activities for the women.
The last activity we had was a Taco Party!

taco bar cactus relief society lds


I made the invitation in Pic Monkey.
It was super easy!
(I've had some questions about pic monkey, 
anyone interested in a pic monkey tutorial?)

We hosted the party in a section of the gym at our church building.

We used a long table in the front for the food.

Then we used round tables for the ladies to sit at.

Our menu was:
tortilla chips,
seasoned ground beef,
nacho cheese sauce,
refried beans,
sour cream
shredded cheddar cheese
assorted desserts

A few tips that made everything run smooth:
-In the red basket, I had wooden forks, wrapped in 
colorful napkins and tied with string.
-We put the tortilla chips in a large container.
-We used a mini crock-pot to keep the nacho cheese warm.
-We kept the meat and beans in metal pans, that held the heat for the items very well.
-We used a container of sour cream that was squeezable.

My main goal for this activity was for the women to visit and get to know one another!  
I provided conversation starters (printed from here
at each of the tables if needed,
but I think the women were able to converse 
very well all on their own.

I was so excited to make cacti!

The large and medium saguaro cactus are free hand cut from foam core.
I painted them with green/teal craft paint.
I used blocks of floral foam to fill the cans then glued the cactus inside.
I covered the floral foam with moss.

The paper cactus is a pattern I found on the internet that I cut with my silhouette.
I glued on little pink pieces of felt to make it look like cactus flowers.

I also used some faux cactus I had on hand.

For pots, I used some that I had on hand.
The tomato and jalapeno cans are actual products sold
 in the Mexican food section at grocery stores.

I made a few banners for decor.

For the tissue paper fringe banner, I folded a piece of tissue paper 
accordion style until it was about 4" x 12".
Then I folded that in half and cut strips into the banner, 
keeping about 3 inches uncut at the top.

Then I folded that 3 inches over a piece of string and hot glued it down.

To store it, I folded each fringy piece onto the next, 
placed it into a large baggie, 
pushed out all of the air and sealed it.  
It went almost flat.

For the paper strip banner...

I cut strips of paper about 1/2" x 2 inches.
Then I ran them through my sewing machine.

To store it, I wrapped it around a piece of cardstock and taped the edges.

Everything turned out so well and I think all of the women had a great time!!

Here is where I got all of the supplies:
(amazon affiliate links are included)

white table linens:  church
colorful tissue paper:  Hobby Lobby
tomato sauce and jalepenos (for cans):  Walmart
colored napkins:  dollar store
chalkboard menu board:  Hobby Lobby
striped place mats:  Target
colored bandannas:  Walmart
glass votive cups holding questions:  Goodwill
mini pinata:  Target

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