Halloween glittery skulls

Hey friends!  

I'm back with my first Halloween project of the season-

Halloween glittery skulls.

I'm not really a fan of spooky and creepy.
I am however a fan of cute, fun and glittery.

This season, Target has a bunch of all different skeletons.
To tell you the truth, it kinda creeps me out to walk down that aisle.  
Skeletons just are not my jam.
But I figured I could take something spooky and make it fun and cute!

I took those creepy white skulls and spray painted them gold.
This is my favorite gold spray paint.  
(amazon affiliate link)

I also spray painted some black.  
I used a few coats of cheap matte black spray paint. 
It took a few light coats to get the coverage I was looking for.

After they were spray painted I thought they still looked 
pretty creepy, so I decided to glitter them.

I picked up some regular and extra fine gold glitter and 
mixed them together in a plastic cup.

I gave the skulls another quick coat of spray paint.

 Then I plopped the wet skull into the glitter cup
and shook it around well until it was all covered in glitter.

The glitter coverage was still spotty in some places so 
I just repeated the above process until they were covered.

I repeated the process with the black glitter.

To keep the glitter stuck onto the skulls, I sprayed them with top coat.
Here is a good one.
(amazon affiliate link)

I put the skulls in a cloche, also from Target.