8 projects and ideas to get you excited about Halloween

I'm so excited for Halloween!

I love looking back and seeing some of the past projects 
I've done to celebrate the funnest Holiday ever!

I love any and all ideas to celebrate this spooky day!

I'm doing another version of this
at a craft night for the ladies in my church.  
It will be so fun!

I'm in the process of working on my mantel for this year.  
Here is last year's Halloween mantel.

As always, it's so fun to look at pictures from previous Halloween's 
and post favorites around the home!

I think I may do these for my son's school class again this year!

Are you a candy corn fan?  Oh me too!  I need to pick some up!

Nothing like a cute candle car with battery operated tea
lights to set the mood!

Chalk boards are always a great idea!

I'm in the process of getting everything else together! 
I love Halloween!