Last minute gift ideas for Christmas

Are you looking for a few last minute Christmas gift ideas?
It seems like no matter how much I plan and prepare,
I always need at least 1 or 2 more gifts.

Today, I'm sharing a few gift ideas 
that are can be quickly and easily DIY'd!

BTW- if anyone in my family is reading this...

There may or may not be gifts for you on this list!  :)

I don't know about you, but I struggle with what to get 
mine and my husband's parents.
They have everything they want, 
and they usually tell us to get them nothing.

 But of course, I want to get them something, 
and I want it to be useful or meaningful.
Not just junk!

family history journal

This year I did a family history journal for my dad.
I bought a nice, masculine looking, leather bound journal.
I also included my favorite pen

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last minute gift ideas

With the journal, I included some family history questions.
Get a copy here.

I hope my dad will like answering the questions and that someday he'll 
pass the book down to me.
I'll have tons of family history in his own handwriting!

Of course all parents and grandparents LOVE photos!
I've made photo calendars, photo albums and have pictures 
printed for them every year.
I order most of my photos from Mpix.
It might be a little too late to order from them to receive before Christmas.
If I need a quick photo printed locally, I use Walgreens.

Another super quick and easy gift idea is a charm necklace!
I bought a bunch of pizza slice charms from etsy.
Hobby Lobby sells a ton of charms though.
I bought ball chain from Hobby Lobby.
Then I cut the chain down to about 25-30 inches.
Then I put the charm onto a jump ring and threaded it onto the necklace.
To gift it, I displayed it on cardstock and put it into a cute Christmas bag.
My daughter handed these out to a bunch of her friends.
Cute and simple!

DIY metal stamped christmas gift mothers day gift

I don't know a mother or grandmother that wouldn't 

heating bag

DIY rice bag would make a really great and inexpensive gift.
We have a few of them in our house that get used very often.
They are great to put on aches and pains 
as well as warm up chilly toes.

You could always gift someone with cold, hard cash!
A gift everyone loves!

candy bar gift idea money

You could gift someone with their favorite candy bars
 wrapped with money.

birthday balloons christmas gift money balloons

Or you could put money in balloons.
This would look darling with red and green balloons.

I hope these ideas will help you with any last minute gift needs you have!