Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas gift wrap station

So we're a little over a week until Christmas!
Did that make your heart skip a beat?  
Me too!!
I'm still working on picking up a few things.

Anyway- at some point in the next week I'll finally get to wrapping the gifts.
So I want to share my secret to wrapping success...
it's making a gift wrap station!

wrap Christmas gifts olive bucket gift wrap holder

Having all the wrapping supplies in one place
really makes a the task soooo much easier!

gift wrap holder vintage mail box olive bucket

I gathered all of my wrapping paper in an olive bucket
and a vintage mail box.

gift wrap embellishments tags

Then I gathered tags, ribbons and other embellishments.

I'm lucky enough to have a craft room with a big island work surface to use.
But in years past, I set a folding table in my bedroom.

glittery ornaments

All of the embellishments are so much fun!

glittery ornament gift embellishments

I used glittery ornaments from the dollar store.
They look so cute tied to gifts.

tape and scissors

Be sure to get tape and scissors together.

snowflake gift wrap from Hobby Lobby

As for gift wrapping, my fave place to get gift wrap is Hobby Lobby.
They have a beautiful selection and it's thick and beautiful!

All of our family lives so far way, so I have to ship gifts.
And while I love embellishing them, I hate for 
it to get smooshed.

So I use trim and yarn that keeps its shape.

stamped initial tags

For gift tags for my kids, I keep it very simple.
 I use a punched circle with a stamped initial.
It's so easy and cute!

christmas gift wrap and decoration

So if you're knee deep in gift wrap and a little overwhelmed,
make yourself a gift wrap station!

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