Christmas Home Tour part 2

I'm back to share part 2 of my Christmas Home tour!

magnolia wreath, chalkboard, wreath, decorate chandelier

christmas dining room gray painted table vintage decor

We'll start in our dining room.

dining room table centerpiece

I built this table centerpiece from a reclaimed 1x8 
and some candlesticks from Hobby Lobby.

On top I put some candle jars.  
The "snow" is epsom salt.

Christmas mantel tobacco stick star

This is my Christmas Mantel.
I used a tobacco stick star, some greenery that I sprayed "snow" on,
some candlesticks, reclaimed from old spindles and some deer.

For the garlands I used an old Christmas tree pom pom garland, 
a jingle bell garland and a DIY black and white pom pom garland.

Even the light fixture got a few fresh greens.

When I moved the 2 pieces of my cupboard back together,
the gray cupboard here, it left this space empty.
So I moved in a little IKEA bookcase I've had for many years.
I cut some luan to fit onto the shelves and it gave me a 
little industrial shelving unit for our dining room.
I've also used these shelves in the living room.

Right before Thanksgiving I made the Gather sign out of a reclaimed piece of wood.
I'll show the DIY instructions soon.

flocked mini Christmas tree

I picked up this darling flocked Christmas tree from Walmart.  $12!!

One of my favorite Christmas touches is our chalkboard doors.
I wrote the lyrics to many Christmas hymns.  
I can't walk by without singing!

The kitchen got a few little Christmas touches too.

open shelving

The open shelves in our kitchen were such a fun place to decorate!

vintage car bottle of ornaments open shelving

On top, I put a few of my vintage scales.
Then I added an ornament from Target (the camper), 
a vintage Ball jar of shiny Christmas ornaments,
and a toy car (that was my husband's as a little boy) 
with bottle brush trees in the back.

The lower shelf holds our every day dishes and 
this vintage tin with fresh greenery.

canisters with vintage cookie cutters kitchen christmas decor

I love to bake!  Especially during this season.
I embellished our dry goods canisters with 
vintage cookie cutters and Christmas ribbon.

vintage ball jar bottle brush trees

I love (obviously) filling jars with cute Christmas bits and baubles.

This little corner got some Christmas love too,
with cookie cutters and apples.

open picture ledges

Another favorite spot to decorate is our built in shelves.

I displayed collection of Santa's on the shelves. 

DIY magnolia wreath

Last but not least is this magnolia wreath.
I'll show a tutorial for this sometime soon.

I hope you've enjoyed my Christmas Home Tour.
See part 1 here.