Friday, January 27, 2017

Video Game Controller holder

Today I'm sharing an 
organizer I made for
video game controllers.

video game controllers, hooks, black dresser

I finally solved a problem that we've had at our house for years- 

I made a holder for video game controllers.

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play station controllers, controller organizer

If you have teens, you have video games.

PS4 video game controllers

And if you have video games, then you have 
video game controllers all over the place.

PS 4 video game controllers

I was constantly tripping over controllers, 
picking them up off the floor and 
trying to figure out where to store them when not in use.

The controllers were constantly in the way.

black wood, distressed

I found a scrap piece of wood in my garage.
It's a 1x6 cut down to about 18 inches.

I painted it black.

universal tool hooks

I found these universal tool hooks at the dollar store.

drill pilot holes, universal tool hooks

I drilled pilot holes in the wood then screwed the 
hooks into the wood, with the included screws.

tool hooks to hold ps4 video game controllers

I mounted the organizer to my sons dresser with command velcro*.

organizer to hold video game controllers

I had to bend the tool hooks out just a bit to 
fit the video game controllers.
But other than that, they fit perfectly!

how to store video game controllers

The true test is that my sons are actually 
storing their controllers in the holder!

No more tripping over controllers.
No more piled up controllers all over the place. 

Woo hoo!


  1. YOU ARE A GENIUS! Thank you for sharing!

  2. You are brilliant! This would work with any larger remote too. Thanks for linking up at #iDIYedthat.

  3. Brilliant!! I love how this storage idea keeps the controllers in sight but off the floor.

  4. Brilliant! I need to make one of these! Our remotes are out of control.

  5. This video games is very good, I am going to play this game for sure...double thumbs up.

  6. What a great idea Candice! I'm trying this tomorrow!

    - Racer Gaming Chairs

  7. i would take it one step further and use primer and enamel spray paint the bare metal hooks black so they kinda disappear when not being used. I'm on my way to the dollar store once they open and hope they have them in stock.


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