St Patrick's Day ward party

St. Patrick's Day is coming up this week!

We did a little early celebrating last weekend 
with a St. Patrick's themed ward party.

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ward party, adults party, st patricks day party

I made the invitation in Pic monkey.
We decided it would be fun to do adults only.
It was a blast!

Our ward doesn't have a big budget for decor.
And since I can't throw a party without decorations, 
I had to be very creative!!
I DIY'd most of our decorations.

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I hand drew the word "LUCKY" onto green poster board and cut it out.

paper party decorations, st patrick's day party

Then I glued it onto foam core and cut that out using a hobby knife.
I traced around the edges of the word with a black sharpie.
Then I used some gold glitter along the edges.

I cut flags from posterboard, wrote St. Patrick's Day Messages on them
with sharpie, then glittered them a bit.

It was very inexpensive!!

I bought crepe paper in rainbow colors from the dollar store.
I twisted it to hang on the door behind the food table.

Then I used the LUCKY to put in front of the rainbow.

rainbow paper chain, rainbow party decorations, paper chain, inexpensive party decorations

Above the desert table I hung rainbow colored paper chains.

rainbow paper chain, rainbow party, inexpensive and easy party decorations

These are the old school, construction paper chains.
I cut strips of paper to 1.5 inches.
Then I stapled them into a circle, then I added more circles to make a chain.
Repeat.  A lot!

St Patrick's Day party, table decor, inexpensive party decorations

For table decor, I found St Patrick's Day scarves in the Target One Spot.
Then I found green buckets at the dollar store and 
hot glued some floral foam inside.

I hot glued the posterboard flags onto a stick.
I put the stick into the floral foam then covered the foam with moss.
Then I tied rainbow colored curly ribbon to the stick.

Get to know you game, m and m game, conversation starters

At each table we had Get to Know You jars.
I filled jars with M and M's.
Then I added small rainbow colored cupcake liners and a spoon.
Each guest was to take a spoonful or 2 of M & M's.
Then we went around the table, chose an M&M from our pile 
and answered the corresponding color question.
This activity was a blast! 
We got to know one another so well!  

minute to win it games, non embarrassing minute to win it games, adult games

After dinner, we played a few Minute To Win it games.

Donut on a string:
1 person stood over another person that was sitting.
A donut was tied to a string.
The stander had to dangle the donut above the sitters mouth.
The sitter had to eat it without using his/her hands.

Balloon blow up:
There were 8 cups for each person set up on the table.
The person had to blow up a balloon.
Then using the air in the balloon, had to knock the
cups completely off the table.

Fruit by the foot eat up:
Each participate placed a fruit by the foot in their mouth.
The person had to eat the entire thing only using their mouths.

Balloon race
2 couples participated
They placed a balloon between the 2 of them.
Then had to race to the other side of the gym and back, while keeping
the balloon in place, without using their hands.

Skittle suck up
2 plates for each person 
1 plate for each participate held skittles, one was empty
They had to suck the skittles with a straw
and move them from one plate to the other.

Shamrock race
A shamrock was placed on each end of the table.
Each person was given a straw and had to blow their 
shamrock to the center of the table.

Oreo Roll
1 person stood on one side of the table with an Oreo.
Their partner knelled on the other side of the table with their mouths open.
The person with the Oreo, had to roll it, on it's side and make it into
the mouth of their partner.

This ward party was very fun!  
We all had a great time getting to know one another and playing games!