Friday, March 10, 2017

5 ways to fight mommy burnout

Hey friends!

Today I'm talking about something we women and mothers all face-
being T I R E D.
I'm not talking about having a rough night and 
not getting as much sleep as you'd like.
I'm talking about being so stressed out and maxed out 
that makes one not operate at full capacity.
I call it being burned out!  

Some of the symptoms may be
a foggy mind, irritability, impatience with things that normally 
wouldn't be bothersome, 
headaches and/or body aches and more.

We all get there from time to time.
It's just a part of life.
But just because it's normal and we all experience it, 
doesn't mean we have to accept it.

Today I'm sharing ways to combat burn out and fight back.

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1.  Prioritize

We all live busy lives!!  
There's so much to do and not ever enough time to do it.

In order to not be stressed by the constant state of everything to do,
it's important to figure out exactly what needs to be done
Then prioritize what is most important.
Concentrate on those most important tasks.

I love making a detailed to-do list.
Crossing things off that list is sure to put me in a better mood!
Having a planner really helps too!

2.  Simplify

Make sure you're not overwhelmed.
Ask you for help with the things you need done!
*I'm sure your husband would be happy to pick up
groceries on the way home.

walmart grocery pick up, order groceries on line

Or better yet, do Walmart grocery pick up!  
I LOVE doing grocery pick up from Walmart.
I have the app on my phone.  
I order the night before and pick them up.
It's so easy!

*Another thing to do to simplify is 
ask your kids to help with the housework.
I haven't always done this.  
But we have a system going now that is working great!  
(I will share this soon.)

*One more thing I have implemented that is helping me is to meal plan.
(more will be coming on my approach to meal planning)

3.  Declutter

Go through each room in your house and clean up and clean out.

Get rid of things you don't need or want.
A chaotic house leads to a chaotic life for me!

Also declutter your mind.
At night, I write in my journal.
I write down everything.
I write all of the thoughts that are on my mind, 
such as- projects, to do lists, etc
Getting it out of your head and onto paper, frees up brain space!

4.  Exercise
I know.  I used to roll my eyes too.
But seriously, it helps.  
Something about releasing natural endorphins.
It doesn't have to be anything difficult or strenuous.  

easy work out routine, do this every morning to work out

Simple routines like this work great for me!

5.  Rest
No one can keep giving when they are empty.
Schedule time in your day, or your week to rest.

read magazines, rest, relax, room to create, DIY

Rest could be sleeping, reading magazines, 
going for a walk, whatever is restful to you.

Hopefully these tips will help you.
If you have anything you'd like to add to the list,
please comment below!

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  1. This article is right on time for me. I need to prioritize my time and have a doable routine.

  2. Decluttering always helps me. It's my go to solution whenever things get on top of me or if I reach burnout. Some great advice, thanks!

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes |

  3. I'm not a mom- but I feel like this is a good list for just PEOPLE. haha. I hear you on the "declutter"- I was feeling so stressed all week because I knew that my bedroom was covered in unfolded clean laundry and suitcases waiting to be unpacked from a trip we took last week. It was so stressful I wasn't being productive at work. FINALLY I was able to take the time on Saturday morning to tackle the room, and rearrange everything! Abigail-

  4. Prioritizing & resting are just so important !! I have personally experienced less stress because of these.


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