Memory Collection

I'm an avid memory collector!
I used to be a big time scrapbooker. 
I have albums and albums on our shelves 
full of photos, thoughts and memories.

Life is a little bit different now so I've shifted away from 
the traditional scrapbooks I used to make.
Today I'm sharing all of the ways (other than traditional scrapbooks) 
I collect memories for my family.

photo collection, memory jar, family photos

family photos, photo ledges

I LOVE family photos!
I have shelves in my dining room that I display our family photos.
I walk by here and look at these photos multiple times a day.

memory jar, ticket saver, ticket stubbs

A long time ago, I started collecting 
our ticket stubs in a memory jar.
It's so much fun to look through the tickets and see 
the movies, concerts and other events we have attended. 

photo albums, blurb books

Every year, I make my kids photo albums.  
I store all of the photos I take of each of 
my kids in a folder.  
Then I make a photo album with every single one of the their photos.
My kids love to look at their albums.
mini photo albums, christmas card album

I keep our yearly Christmas cards, along with other 
mini scrapbook albums,
in a big basket.  
Lots of good memories here!

photo gallery, cork board

I have a gallery wall in my office that is a memory collection.
My husband has made me mom photo collages of my kids
every year for Mother's Day.
I also love to put things on my cork board to remind me of good times!

collect photo app, photo 365
I also collect photos on my phone
with the Collect app.
I try to take a photo every day of my family, 
or our activities or things I want to remember.
Then I collect them in the app.
After the month is over, I export them 
to my photo roll on my phone, 
then download them to my computer.
Then I put them in our yearly photo books.

How do you record your memories?