Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What to do with Christmas cards

I love Christmas cards!
I have had them on display, since Christmas
and just took them down last week.

But then what do you do with them?
I don't want to throw them away because they're so beautiful!  

So here is what I did with my Christmas cards.

christmas card book

christmas card book

I made a simple book.

supplies to make a christmas card book

All I used is our Christmas cards, 
a book ring, 
a hole punch and 
a 5x7 piece of white cardstock that I wrote on with a sharpie.
I did also stamp a little image at the bottom.

standard hole punch

I punched holes in the right top corner of the cover and 
each card with a standard hole punch.
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christmas card storage, book ring

I threaded the cards onto a book ring and closed it.
(amazon affiliate link, see full disclosure policy here)

how to store christmas cards

I put our Christmas card as the first page in the book.

christmas card storage

I have a basket of mini scrapbooks and albums in my living room 
that I store the Christmas card albums in as well.

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