How to Organize School papers!

Ideas for organizing kids papers and memorabilia.

ideas for organizing kids papers and memorabilia


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It's the end of the school year.
My kids are bringing home piles and piles of papers,

art projects,
and school projects.
They are awesome and full of memories of hard work, 
but not exactly easy to store!


Here are some great tips for organizing all of the
priceless works of art and darling school projects!!

file box for school papers, what to do with school papers

I started this system a few years ago, and it's still going strong.

Each of my kids has a file box. 
I purchased basic file boxes like these.
(amazon affiliate link)

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Inside each box are file folders that are labeled with 
the school year and calendar years for each grade.

There's only so much room in each file box.
So my kids go through all of their yearly treasures 
to edit the pile. 
They decide which ones we keep and we put them in 
the file box with their school photos and any
other memorabilia from the year.

what to do with school papers, large art projects, large school projects

I take photos of the projects we do not keep 
or that do not fit in the file box.

Then I add the photos to their yearly photo albums.  

See this post for more info on our photo books.  
Our photo books hold so many memories 
including school memorabilia.

This process works really well to keep paper clutter at bay!

What do you do with school papers and 
memorabilia that your kids bring home?

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