Tuesday, May 16, 2017

End of School Year Survival tips

Tips for Surviving the End of the School year.

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I don't know about you, but for me,


Even more so than Christmas!

I hope that if I shout it, everyone will hear,
understand and not schedule 
ANOTHER darn thing in the next month!!
Please. :)

Today I'm sharing some ideas for surviving the last month of school!


Oh lunches.
How I loathe thee!  

I'm so tired of making 3 separate lunches every. single. day.
I know, I should have my kids make their own.
I know.
My big kids have early morning Seminary
and since I appreciate their sacrifice of getting up so early,
 I help them out.
Of course my kids are picky and won't all eat the same thing.

So I bought all different LUNCHABLES.
I'm so thrilled to not have to guess what everyone wants every day.
They choose a lunchable from the fridge and go.
BTW- I think I'll figure out a different lunch program for next year.
This business of me being a short order
lunch cook is not working out!



I have been letting things go a bit.

We will all survive if the bathrooms don't
get wiped down every single day.
No one will die if the floors don't get swept and mopped often.
There really is just too much going on
to concern myself with a spotless house.

kids doing chores, kids vacuuming, 9 year old vacuuming

In a few weeks, I can go back to my whip cracking,
'kids do your chores' wrangling ways!

I am still using my cleaning schedule for the bare minimum.



There are only so many hours in the day.
If there are 4 different places to be,
then it's obvious that some prioritizing has to happen.
So my TO DO list is so important!  

make a to do list, to do list, follow to do list

I am making sure to attac
the MOST important things
and scheduling the least important for a less
stressful, less busy time.


Make Easy Meals

Honestly, my kids love eating cereal for dinner,
or when we do, FFYS- fend for yourself.
If not making dinner makes this month a 
tad easier to handle, 
your kids will all survive.

cereal for dinner, easy meals, fend for yourself

Make sure that when you do cook,
you make easy meals.

One of my favorites is roasting boneless, skinless,
chicken breasts,
with cubed potatoes, baby carrots and sliced squashed.
I put it all on a large baking sheet.
I sprinkle it with olive oil, then season with salt and pepper.
I bake for 45 minutes at 350 degrees.
Everything turns out delicious being slow roasted.
And there is only 1 pan to clean!


Don't Neglect yourself

It's so easy as women to put our needs last
when things get busy.
But we can't take care of anyone else, 
if we haven't taken care of ourselves.
You know what they say on an airplane,
"Put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others."

take time for self care, write in journal, follow your dreams journal

Read, write in your journal,
go for a walk, go to dinner with girlfriends,
what ever it is,
block out a bit of time in your schedule for yourself.



Put everything
on the calendar.
There will always be last minute events and things
that pop up, but keeping track of everything in one place is

google calendar, put everything on calendar

I use Google Calendar for our family calendar.
Everyone in my family has an invite to 
get the calendar on their phone.
That way they can all see our schedule at anytime.
Also, at the beginning of each month I print 
our Google Calendar out and hang it on the fridge.
If an event does not get on the calendar it does not happen.


Make sure everyone is getting 
plenty of rest

I should have put this tip as number one.
Everything is better after being unplugged and reset, including you.

I know I am a MUCH better person when I have
gotten enough rest.
My kids behave better when they are
getting the sleep they need too!
My kids (even the teens) are going to bed
around 8-9pm.
It helps a TON!!

What are you doing to survive the end of the school year?


  1. I still love Lunchables. Perfect for lunch or a snack!

    1. I still love them as well! Perfect for on the go!

  2. These are great tips I should save for future. I'm not at this stage yet but I'm not faraway either. Thanks for sharing

  3. Yes! All of these tips are so spot on!

  4. These sound like great tips for ending the school year without losing your mind!

    1. Well, it remains to be seen whether I lose my mind or not! :)

  5. We use google calendar for everything! Love what you said about: I am making sure to attack the MOST important things and scheduling the least important for a less
    stressful, less busy time. That's something I've learned to do after having a baby :)

    1. Google calendar rocks my world!! I don't know what I ever did before having it!!

  6. Yes! Don't neglect yourself! We have a couple short get-aways planned without the kids! :)

    1. oh, good for you! I hope you have a lovely time!! xoxo

  7. I love these tips! We homeschool, and I lost my motivation a few weeks ago. :) I am the grown-up, though--so we can only keep putting one step in front of the other and do our best to finish strong. Ha, ha. Prioritizing is the name of the game!

    1. My hat goes off to you. If I am as burned out as I am, I can't imagine what you must be feeling like! All the positive vibes and energy I have are coming your way!

  8. I really love how you include to not neglect yourself. I believe it is so important to make sure you have something that is yours. We spend so much time sometimes taking care of everything and we forget to take care of ourselves.

    1. So so so true! We must take care of ourselves!

  9. Calendar def helps, I try to pack a bunch of snacks in baggies once so it's grab and go for lunches! Schedule in fun activities too


    1. Bulk packing of snack baggies is such a great idea! I need to try that!

  10. End of the year is crazy for me as well, Summers are fun but exhausting!

    1. Yes, yes yes! That seems to be the theme of my life- fun but exhausting! We're all in this together!! :) xoxo

  11. Really great tips that I totally needed right now with the chaos that is going on lol


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