Friday, May 12, 2017

Modest, age appropriate, inexpensive and STYLISH outfits for moms

Hey friends!

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite modest, age appropriate,
 inexpensive and
{Stylish} outfits for moms!

mom clothes, work at home mom clothes, stay at home mom clothes

As a work at home mom, 
 picking which clothes to wear can be kind of hard.

I don't want to wear work out clothes or pajamas all of the time.
I feel so much so much better about myself
when I get dressed and ready for the day!

I want to dress cute, comfortable,
and age appropriate, but not frumpy either.  
Oh and the clothes have to be modest,
flattering and not cost an arm and a leg.


That's a tough list.
Consequently, it can be hard to find clothes that
fit all of those categories!

So today I'm sharing a few outfit ideas for moms.

nude blouse, skinny jeans, brown sandals from Target

This nude, button up top is something I would have 
normally passed on.
But lucky for me I decided to try it on and LOVED it!

The nude color is so great and I love the loose fit.
I purchased it at H and M.
I paired the top with skinny jeans that I roll at the ankles 
since they are long and I am short.  
The brown sandals from Target.

blush sweater, cropped jeans, I am blogging this gray Tshirt

I wore this outfit at Snap! recently.
I purchased a plain V neck from Walmart. 
Then I added the funny saying using the freezer paper method 
with my silhouette.
I paired the shirt with good old Girlfriend Crop jeans from The Gap.
I found this lightweight blush sweater at H and M.

black and white striped shirt, olive pants

This shirt is another that I would normally pass on.
When I walked by it at Ross I almost did.
It seems very trendy because it's a tunic fit with the high/low hem.
But black and white stripes sucked me in 
and I really like it once I tried it on!
I paired it with some olive green pants and black sandals,
both from H and M.

black and white striped shirt, colored jeans

I have a thing for black and white stripes apparently.  
Half of my closet is stripes.
When ya like something, ya like something...

With this V neck tshirt, that I got at Kohl's,
I wear colored denim.
I love the way these Jcrew jeans fit.
(I bought them at Goodwill for $4)

olive joggers, white tshirt, white sneakers

This outfit is probably the most comfortable one I own.
It feels like wearing pajamas.
The olive cargo joggers are the softest material and were
super inexpensive from Target.
Target also carries my favorite Tshirts-
the vintage V neck Merona.  I love the way they fit!
I bought the shoes from Ross.
I really wanted Adidas, but I found these Madden Girl 
star shoes for a fraction of the price.

Do you have favorite clothes you like to wear?
Where are your favorite places to shop?


  1. Thank you so much for this post. You have said the words I have been saying all along. Modesty, don't want to look frumpy and doesn't cost arm and a leg, comfortable would be awesome.

    1. Dressing is with all of those qualifications is tough!! I hope this post helps!

  2. I love the outfit with the blogging tee. That's definitely something I would wear! I love just wearing regular jeans and a tee shirt or hoodie. Or I wear leggings and a comfy shirt.

    1. Comfort is definitely key! I'm totally a jeans and T kinda girl too!

  3. dressing age appropriate is overrated! i believe in dressing ageless :)

  4. I love all of these outfits, and would wear each of them, proudly too.

  5. I love all of these outfits! I definitely feel better when I get dressed each day.

    1. Getting dressed really does help doesn't it!!

  6. OMG, I NEED that t-shirt in the very first photo!" I am Blogging This' Where is that from??

    1. Hi Charlene, I made this shirt with a basic T I purchased. I used my silhouette to make the stencil and painted the words onto the shirt with fabric paint. It was very simple!
      I'm glad you like it!

  7. When I saw this title, I said THIS I have to see. Modest, appropriate, stylish, and affordable without being matronly is really hard to find these days- even for non-moms. "Appropriate" for me has very little to do with age. Some things are just wrong... THANK you for this post!

    1. The post title is definitely a mouthful! :)

  8. I'm always struggling with stylish but comfy go-to outfits!

    1. It is such a struggle isn't it? Hopefully this helps! xoxo

  9. Okay. I definitely need a shirt that talks about blogging on it!

    1. That shirt is funny isn't it? I'm actually wearing it right now! :)


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