Modest, age appropriate, inexpensive and STYLISH outfits for moms

Hey friends!

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite modest, age appropriate,
 inexpensive and
{Stylish} outfits for moms!

mom clothes, work at home mom clothes, stay at home mom clothes

As a work at home mom, 
 picking which clothes to wear can be kind of hard.

I don't want to wear work out clothes or pajamas all of the time.
I feel so much so much better about myself
when I get dressed and ready for the day!

I want to dress cute, comfortable,
and age appropriate, but not frumpy either.  
Oh and the clothes have to be modest,
flattering and not cost an arm and a leg.


That's a tough list.
Consequently, it can be hard to find clothes that
fit all of those categories!

So today I'm sharing a few outfit ideas for moms.

nude blouse, skinny jeans, brown sandals from Target

This nude, button up top is something I would have 
normally passed on.
But lucky for me I decided to try it on and LOVED it!

The nude color is so great and I love the loose fit.
I purchased it at H and M.
I paired the top with skinny jeans that I roll at the ankles 
since they are long and I am short.  
The brown sandals from Target.

blush sweater, cropped jeans, I am blogging this gray Tshirt

I wore this outfit at Snap! recently.
I purchased a plain V neck from Walmart. 
Then I added the funny saying using the freezer paper method 
with my silhouette.
I paired the shirt with good old Girlfriend Crop jeans from The Gap.
I found this lightweight blush sweater at H and M.

black and white striped shirt, olive pants

This shirt is another that I would normally pass on.
When I walked by it at Ross I almost did.
It seems very trendy because it's a tunic fit with the high/low hem.
But black and white stripes sucked me in 
and I really like it once I tried it on!
I paired it with some olive green pants and black sandals,
both from H and M.

black and white striped shirt, colored jeans

I have a thing for black and white stripes apparently.  
Half of my closet is stripes.
When ya like something, ya like something...

With this V neck tshirt, that I got at Kohl's,
I wear colored denim.
I love the way these Jcrew jeans fit.
(I bought them at Goodwill for $4)

olive joggers, white tshirt, white sneakers

This outfit is probably the most comfortable one I own.
It feels like wearing pajamas.
The olive cargo joggers are the softest material and were
super inexpensive from Target.
Target also carries my favorite Tshirts-
the vintage V neck Merona.  I love the way they fit!
I bought the shoes from Ross.
I really wanted Adidas, but I found these Madden Girl 
star shoes for a fraction of the price.

Do you have favorite clothes you like to wear?
Where are your favorite places to shop?