Top Products to buy at Aldi grocery stores

Today I'm sharing my top product picks at Aldi Grocery Stores.

produce, baking products, chips at Aldi

Do you have an Aldi grocery store where you live?

Before moving to Tennessee, I had never heard of Aldi.
Aldi is a different kind of grocery store.

quarter in the carts

The carts are all kept outside the store.
A quarter is required to use them, 
but then is refunded to you when you return the cart.
At first I thought this was weird, but it's actually genius 
because everyone returns their cart!

The store is also a lot smaller than your typical grocery store.
I love that I can be in and out very quickly!

take your own shopping bags to Aldi

You also have to take your own bags, as they are not provided for free.
There are large paper or plastic sacks you can buy for $.10 each.
Or you can buy their awesome reusable bags for $1.  
These bags are huge and hold a ton!

They do not bag your groceries either.
But I kind of like that so I can bag them the way I want.

Aldi does carry some name brand products, but
I have found that the store brands are fantastic.
Here are some of my favorites:

aldi toilet paper compares to charmin

The Aldi toilet paper is a very 
close match to Charmin Ultra Strong.
It is about $2 less expensive.

grape juice, white grape juice, juice for kids

We really like their juice.
We buy white grape juice and think it tastes fantastic!

tortilla chips, baked potato chips, clancy's chips

Their chips are great!
My family LOVES the baked chips way better than any other brand!
We also really like the tortilla chips.
And the cost can not be beat.  They are about $1.30 per bag.

baking products, baking soda, flour, sugar, yeast

I love Baker's Corner baking products.
I buy flour, sugar, baking soda and powder, powdered sugar, brown sugar
yeast, vanilla, chocolate chips and even some spices at Aldi.
The quality is fantastic!
The price is so budget friendly!

cereal, frosted flakes, crispy oats, rice chex, fruit loops

I think one of the best deals at Aldi is on breakfast cereal.
Each box is about $1.50, which is about half the cost of brand name cereal.
The quality is great!

paper towels, select a size paper towels, generic bounty paper towels

The Boulder paper towels are comparable to Bounty.

produce, pineapple, bannanas, apples, grapes

I've always been very please with all of the produce
I've purchased at Aldi.
It's fresh and costs $1-$2 less than any other grocery stores.

tomato sauce, diced tomotoes

There is a great selection of canned items at Aldi.
Again, I've always been very happy with the quality.

cute black with white polka dot bag with handles at Aldi, bag, metal handle bag

Aldi always has other items in the aisles.
I just picked up this canvas, metal handled bag
that has pockets on the inside that will be perfect to take to the pool this summer.
It only cost $5.99.  Such a steal!

Other things I love at Aldi:
baggies, trash bags, pasta, frozen vegetables, hummus, shredded cheese,
butter sticks, yogurt, milk, eggs, lunch meat, peanut butter,
frozen pizzas, pork chops, chicken, ham and so much more.

So if you live near an Aldi, give it a try!

This was NOT a sponsored post.  I'm just passing on something that I like.