30 + summer bucket list ideas

Over 30 {FUN} summer bucket list ideas!

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For the past few years our family has been coming up with a
 list of Summer Bucket Ideas.

It makes our summer so much fun
because we all add things we are looking forward to.

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I am especially excited about the list for Summer 2017!

chalkboard, bucket list, summer list

*catch lightening bugs
*have a water war
*make s'mores
*have a read a thon
*tie dye shirts
*make slime
*have a talent show
*sight see in downtown Nashville
*play messy Twister (with paint or shaving cream)
*have a Harry Potter movie marathon
*make forts
*do mentos bombs
*have a taste test party with different fruits
*thrift store treasure hunt
*have a silly string fight
*float down the river

*have a baking/cooking day
*have a glow party
*go to the drive in
*have a kick ball tournament
*make snow cones
*have a Random Acts of Kindness day
*$1 store family gifts 
(everyone in the family buys gifts for each other)
*have a spa day
*eat at a fancy restaurant
*have a shaving cream war
*do a big puzzle as a family
*go see the 4th of July fireworks in Nashville
*find all of the murals in Nashville
*go bowling
*have an ice cream party

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This list is on the door to my office.
We can see this chalkboard list any time we
are in the kitchen and dining room.

We couldn't wait to get started on this list-

silly string war, things to do in the summer

We had a silly string war already!

summer bucket list ideas

I was viciously attacked by silly string shooters! 
What a blast!!  

Do you have any summer bucket list plans?

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