Father's Day Gift ideas- that any man would actually like!

Today I'm sharing Father's Day gift ideas.

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I don't know about you,
but I have the HARDEST time knowing what to get my husband 
for any holiday, but especially Father's Day.
He's just hard to shop for!

If you're in the same situation, 
I have some great, manly, Father's Day gift ideas!

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man crates, gifts for men, manly gifts for men

My husband's birthday was about a month ago.
This year, we got him a 

It was a huge hit!
So I know it would make a great gift for Father's day.

man crates, mens gifts, work out gift

The gift comes packaged in a wooden crate and
has it's own pry bar.
Half the fun of the gift is prying the box open!
The inside was pretty cool though too.

We chose the work out crate.
There are many to choose from.

knife of the month club

We also got my husband a subscription to a
monthly knife kit
He really likes getting a new knife to add to 
his collection every month.

nike shoes, athletic shoes, gift

I'd really like to get my husband these
nike shoes*

And along with the shoes, some
no show socks*
are always a good idea!

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Something my husband always likes is an
amazon gift card*

gift cards as gifts, what to give men as gifts, father's day gift ideas

Another thing that is always great for any
gift giving occasion is an
itunes gift card


There are some really great ideas around the internet.
Check these out!

This faux grass pen holder is so cute!
It would look great on a golf loving dad's desk!

father's day printables, gifts kids can give to dad

Even though my kids are a little bit older,
I think this Fathers Day Printable tie
is super cute for them to do for their dad!

This coupon candy is such a great spin
on the coupon book for kids to give their Fathers.
I think we'll probably do this one too.

What are you giving the Fathers in your life this year?