Friday, June 9, 2017

Swag bags for a golf tournament

I recently put together SWAG bags for a
golf tournament fundraiser.

what to put in a swag bag for golfers

Let me tell you right now,
I'm not a golfer.
My husband is not a golfer.
I barely know anything about golf.

BUT, I do know how to do gift bags, 
so that's what I did.

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what to put in a golf swag bag

Here is what is in the swag bags:

golf swag bag

Just a few little things to make
golfing a little bit easier or more fun.


I had some struggles putting these together.
Such as:  local stores not stocking all of
the supplies I needed,
ordered supplies not arriving until 2 days after the
bags were due
and generally being a ball of stress trying to get everything done.
I did an IG post about it.

colored golf ball markers, DIY golf ball markers

Since this tournament was a fundraiser
for my daughter's swim team,
I made golf ball markers in the colors of the school.
They are wooden discs*
that I painted with craft paint.

wipes, golf tee, mints, bandaids

I also included a hand wipe, bandaids,
a golf tee and some mints.

I made keychains in school colors. 

what to include in golf swag bag

They don't look all that complicated,
and only making 10 would have been no biggie.
But I made 70 of these babies.
My fingers were so sore!

I used purple leather cord* folded over a key ring*.
Then tied it off with yellow floss*.

I used metal stamps* to stamp 
school initials onto metal blanks.

what to put in golf swag bags

I found these darling cello bags
at the dollar store.

I put all of the items into the cello bags
and stapled them closed.

These bags were put into a larger bag at the tournament with
other supplies like a can coozy, a pen and pencil, and some bug spray.

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  1. OMG, I know your daughter had to be so proud of you. The mother of the year award goes to.... You! Wow!!! What a job. I am in need of fingers rubs just from reading all you had to do, so I can only guess how your fingers felt. You rock! Beautiful results


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