What to put in swag bags for a golf tournament

I recently put together SWAG bags for a golf tournament fundraiser.

How to put together a Swag Bag for a Golf Tournament

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Let me tell you right now, I'm not a golfer.  My husband is not a golfer. I barely know anything about golf.  BUT I do know how to do gift bags, so that's what I did.

What to put in golf tournament swag bags

Here is what is in the swag bags:

Just a few little things to make golfing a little bit easier or more fun.

What to put in swag bags for a golf tournament

I had some struggles putting these together. Such as:  local stores not stocking all of the supplies I needed, ordered supplies not arriving until 2 days after the bags were due and generally being a ball of stress trying to get everything done.  

This tournament was a fundraiser for my daughter's high school swim team.  So I made the ball marker chips in school colors.  I made them by painting wooden discs with craft paint.

How to make golf ball marker chips for golf Tournament Swag bags

These supplies would come in handy on any golf course! 

wipes, golf tee, mints, bandaids

How to make a metal stamped key chain

what to include in golf swag bag

Stamp out the school's initials with metal stamps onto metal blanks.  (similar here)   Use purple leather cord folded over a key ring, then tie off with yellow floss.

After all the supplies are ready, gather them into a cello bag.  I found purple star bags at the dollar store.  Clear cello bags would work great though.  

what to put in golf swag bags

These bags were put into a larger bag at the tournament with other supplies like a can coozy, a pen and pencil, and some bug spray.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas of what to put into Golf Swag Bags!

What to put in swag bags for a golf tournament

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