End of the month: JUNE and goals for July

Today I'm sharing my month end wrap up-
along with my goals for next month!

june recap, july goals, swim

It's hard to believe it's already the end of June.
The month flew by so quickly!!


Here we are with another:

-recap of the month
-things I was inspired by
-blog posts


June recap:

We worked the CMA music festival
as a fundraiser for my son's football team.
We cleaned bathrooms and suites.
It was a lot of HARD work (I had to clean up throw up 4 times!!)
But we got to see some of the concerts!!

Garth Brooks

Luke Bryan

My cute daughter went to Girls Camp.
I drove girls up to camp (2.5hrs away)
and picked them up.
They were completely pooped!

simple slime

We've taken the time to work on our
Summer bucket list-
like make slime!!

light box, letterboard, inexpensive, walmart

Did you see that Walmart
has light boxes and letterboards?
They are only $10.
You should run right now and go get one, or 5!


Posts I was inspired by:

Look how cute these pennant flags 
are from Fynes Desings.

Have you heard of Sweet Tooth Fairy?
You should because 
she makes the coolest cakes!

I follow Megan Faulkner Brown on IG and love the 
peeks of the cakes she makes.


Blog posts

Blog posts from the month of June

Guest post
Welcome to Summer Flamingo Party
on Design Dazzle

6 steps to really Enjoy Summer!

Tips for viewing the Nashville Fireworks


Goals recap


yellow metal tumbler

Drink More Water
  I have been drinking a ton of water.
I have been a soda addict for many years.
Come on, it's like my only vice!
But have been having issues so I've cut back.
It's also super hot, so I have been downing the water.

This metal cup keeps my water cold all day long
without leaving condensation all over the place!

Get More Rest
My kids are all really good sleepers now.
They love to sleep in, just like their mama.
We've been getting more rest now that
we are in the middle of the the glorious lazy days of summer!

Take Time to Relax
I'm trying to work on this still.
It's hard being home all day with my kids.
But we are trying to fit in some fun and relaxing things like
having a spa day!

Go on Dates with my Husband
We have been doing pretty well with this,
especially since it was our anniversary.

Goals for next month:
keep up what I'm already doing
read 3-4 books



Continue to post 2x week
I have been consistently posting
twice a week- on Tuesday and Friday.
That seems to be working pretty well for me!

Work on building social media
I post on social media at least once a day.
I've joined 4 FB blogging groups
You can catch me here:  IG, FBtwitter, Pinterest

work ahead on my editorial calendar
I brainstormed ideas and came up with blog
topics for the next 7 months. 
I took all of the ideas I came up with 
and plugged them into a calendar.

blog calendar

I also made up my own 2 month 
at a glance calendar to keep track visually.
This is helping!!

start a Pinterest group board
 I have joined 5 group Pinterest boards

start a blogging group
I luckily got invited to join a blogging group.
More info will be coming about this later!

Goals for next month:
keep up what I'm already doing
do 1-2 sponsored posts



Stay on a little bit of a schedule
We haven't done very well with this.
We'll just continue to work on this next month!

Don't get too lax on chores
My kids have been doing great. 
I usually have to remind them, but then they accomplish
their chores for the day.

make smores, chocolate, graham crackers

Make time for fun every day
We have been tryting to do something fun every day.
Whether it's making s'mores, tie dying tshirts
or going bowling, there's plenty of fun stuff to do.

Goals for next month:
keep up what we're already doing
have family game nights 1-2 times per week
go on a vacation (this is already scheduled...can't wait!!)
do a family exercise routine