Candice from She's Crafty: About me

It's been a while since I've introduced myself.

I'm Candice.

I believe in 
Crafting a Creative Life.

I believe that everyone has the 
ability to be CREATIVE.

I believe that we all can CRAFT the life we want.


I've spent most of my life being creative.
My mom set an example for me with creative pursuits
like cake decorating, sewing and flower arranging.
I used to snitch scraps of fabric
and flowers to craft my own creations.

As a teen, I loved taking photos, so I would scrapbook them and 
hang photos around my room.

I loved taking selfies, before they were even a thing!

I have always loved decorating and room arrangement.
My mom gave me creative license to cut magazines up and tape
words, art and photos to my walls.

The love of creating has led me to pursue 
being creative as an adult!

That was never more important to me than 
when I got married and had children.

I have loved creating a comforting home
and fun experiences for my family.
I am CRAFTING the life I want, 
to be the best mom and wife I can to be!


I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated!
I am on a mission to show that 
being creative
does not necessarily mean being crafty in the traditional
sense of tole painting or scrapbooking!

It means using your strengths to make life
enjoyable for yourself, your family, and the people around you.

We all have talents.
We can all use our talents to CRAFT the life we want!


You can find more about me and my projects on