Summer celebration: Family Friendly Flamingo Party

Do you want a FUN way celebrate the start of summer?  Throw a Family Friendly Flamingo Party!! 

summer celebration - family friendly flamingo party

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I think something that prevents everyone from throwing parties is thinking that it has to be

  • Extravagant
  • Expensive
  • Complicated!

Well, it is my opinion that parties do not have to be any of these.  I'll show you how I put together a simple, yet fun Summer Celebration!

How to throw a flamingo family dinner

I spent very little money to set this party up.  The plates, straws, cups and flamingos all came from the dollar store.

How to decorate for a Flamingo Party

I used items I had on hand (except the dollar store flamingos) to create the decorations. The lightbox and letter board are so handy to have and can be used for any occasion!

paper party products for a family flamingo summer party

I set the table very simply with flamingo plates, flamingo cups, 2 kinds of flamingo straws (because I loved them both) pink napkins and blinking necklaces with either palm trees or flamingos.

easy dinner party idea flamingo summer party

It's nothing too extravagant or complicated but it makes family dinner a little bit more exciting!

easy dinner party idea flamingo summer party

Here is the table set up right next to our Summer bucket list.

easy dinner party idea flamingo summer party

We kept the menu very simple for dinner.  We had grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, potato salad and baked beans.

What to serve at a summer dinner party

A menu can't get much more summer than that.

What to serve at a summer dinner party- add cherry syrup to drinks

We added a tiny bit of cherry syrup to our Sprite to make the drinks extra special!

What to do a flamingo summer party

After dinner we moved to the fun part,  decorating sugar cookies.

decorate sugar cookies, swig sugar cookies

Cookie decorating is normally something we do at Christmastime.

But I think that's what made it so fun to do for summer.

And they were tasty!!  Who doesn't love a good sugar cookie?!!

flamingo party, summer party, dinner party, easy party ideas

This Family Friendly Flamingo Dinner Party for Summer is a Fun way to celebrate the Summer.  Don't be afraid to put together a simple yet fun party.  Shop the things you have at home and browse the dollar store.  You'll find that it's pretty simple to do!

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on June 12, 2017.

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