6 questions to ask yourself when you feel unhappy

Are you unhappy? Do you know that you can fix most things!   Here are 

6 questions to ask yourself when you feel unhappy.

6 questions to ask yourself when you are unhappy

We all feel unhappy from time to time.  It's normal.  It's actually good.  Those unhappy feelings prompt us to make change.  If you feel unlike your normal self- that you are sad, mad, grumpy or generally unhappy,  I have 6 questions you can ask yourself.  And some suggestions to feel better!

Have you eaten?  

This one is huge.  Being hangry is no joke.  As moms or women, it's easy to forget ourselves as we take care of the people around us.  As a work at home mom, I have a bad habit of grabbing a cheese stick, eating crackers or grabbing something on the go that is not so healthy.  By the end of the day I am so grumpy.  And it's usually because I haven't eaten a real meal.  I've filled up on snacks.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself When you are Unhappy |  1.  Have you Eaten?

I set a goal to sit down and eat a real meal.  These microwave steamers are simple, inexpensive
and give me the fuel I need through out the day.  Here are a few other simple lunch ideas.

Have you been drinking enough water?

Every time one of my kids complains of not feeling well, I ask them to drink more water.  Even now, if I tell my mom I'm not feeling well, she asks me to drink more water. Water is a good place to start because drinking water does make a huge difference.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself if you feel Unhappy |  2.  Have you drank water?

There are so many health benefits of drinking water.  Drinking more water can: reduce headaches, improve complexion, promote weight loss, flush out toxins, boost energy and more.  

Ideas for flavored water.

Are you overwhelmed?

Honestly, this one is for me.  I am in a busy season of life.  I seem to be always overwhelmed.

So the questions I need to ask myself, (and perhaps you do to) are- What can be simplified? Are there things on your plate you can ask someone else to do?

6 Questions to Ask Yourself When you Feel Unhappy | 3.  Are you Overwhelmed?

Ask your daughter to read to her little brother.  Ask your kids to do chores.  Ask your husband to pick up groceries on the way home.  Prioritize where best to spend your time and say no to the things that aren't as important!  Try not to fill your days with so many things that you don't have time for what is more important and you run yourself ragged!

other ideas

Are you getting enough sleep?

What adult isn't tired though, right?

You can Do Anything, You just can't do it all at the same time

If you are tired enough to be unhappy, then a change needs to be made.  When we are busy, sleep seems to be one of the first things we sacrifice.  But getting enough sleep is essential to our health,
both mentally and physically.  

If your kids aren't sleeping through the night, research child sleep suggestions.  Check out these ideas- herehere and here.  My kids were terrible sleepers when they were little.  I wish I had used some of these tips.

What else is preventing you from getting enough sleep?  I'm sure with a few habit tweaks, you can get more rest.

Are you taking care of yourself?

You can't take care of anyone else if you are not taking care of yourself.  You can't take care of anything actually and it will make you very unhappy.

6 Questions to Ask yourself if you're unhappy |  Self Care

It can be something as simple as stopping for your favorite drink.  It doesn't have to be anything major. Although I think we should all do really nice things for ourselves every now and then!

Are you showing gratitude?

If we are constantly looking at what we don't have in our life, that can make us VERY unhappy.

If you are unhappy, ask yourself these 6 Questions | 5.  Are you showing gratitude?

One very powerful way to show gratitude is to write down what you are grateful for.  That sounds very simple.  But I promise it works.  The more you look around for things to be grateful for, the more you will find.  It also opens up your mind to being aware of what you HAVE instead of 
what you do not have.

If after doing all or even some of these things you are still unhappy, it's probably time to call your doctor.  Life is much too short to be unhappy for a large chunk of time.  There is nothing wrong with reaching out for help!