Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Back to School dinner

Today I'm sharing my 
Back to school dinner!

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Every year I like to
throw a Back to School dinner for my family.

I usually start with a theme.

Our theme this year is Attitude.
I love this quote.
It's so true.

"So much in life 
depends on our Attitude."

Get a free printable of the quote here.

This year we have all been working on
having the right mindset 
and being positive.

So this is the perfect theme for our 
2017-2018 School Year!

I love finding any excuse I can to decorate!
Life is so much fun when we celebrate the little things!

For my mantel I started with the black and white 
striped sign I use a lot!
Then I layered on my quote in the chalk paint frame.
I added some dried eucalyptus and my fave spindle candles.

I also used my *Heidi Swapp Letter board,
with black letters and 
to write another message about our attitude and choices!

*These are amazon affiliate links.
If you click on the link and make a purchase,
I will receive a small percentage of the sale from amazon.
It is no additional cost to you.  

I believe that we can each make the life we want.

These are the things I wish for my kids:
A Happy, Calm, Joyful and Fun Life

I used some supplies I had on hand to decorate the table.

I spray painted colorful magnetic letters in black and white.
I then layered them in a glass jar.

I made the flash cards in Word, then printed them
on cream colored paper.
I clipped them to wooden dowels with binder clips.

for a back to school message
sitting on top of books.  
What's more school themed than books?

For each place setting
I used a dry erase tracing board
underneath a basic white plate.

I used a black fabric napkin
with a small bowl of letter cookies (*similar here) on top.

Each place setting had a 
large binder clip with a small copy of the quote.
My kids were able to keep their quote and hopefully refer back to it!  


Do you throw a back to school dinner?

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  1. I can't believe it's back to school already! It feel like just yesterday summer started! I love these ideas and they seem like something I could actually do!

    1. Thanks Meli! Yes- the summer went by incredibly fast!

  2. I love this idea and I love all of the special touches you incorporated! Such a great idea to use the dry erase board under your plates!

  3. This is just about the cutest thing EVER!!!! I love the idea of celebrating back to school with a dinner. Also, I'm a huge fan of your "attitude" theme for the year!! I need to check out those printables :)

    - Kaitlin

  4. I love the idea of picking a theme and doing a back to school dinner. I also love all your decor and color scheme!!

  5. This is so FUN! I love it. :)
    Your theme of ATTITUDE is great, too. Your family is going to have a fantastic year.

  6. This sounds like a great way to celebrate the start of the school year and motivate everyone! I love all the little details you added. :)

  7. Girl, this is AMAZING!!! The DETAILS THO!!!!!! Such a cute way to kick off the year!

    Coming Up Roses

  8. Woah nice pictures. They give a very clean vibe. I don’t know how else to put it. And those math things made me sort of nostalgic for school.

  9. I love this idea and that quote would be perfect for my family this year as well. I told my 15 year old daughter, just the other day, that she needs to have a better attitude towards school. If she can't find sunshine there, then maybe she can be the sunshine for others and it will spread.

  10. I am the same way in that I will find any excuse to decorate! I love the quote on the letter board as well!


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