End of August, September Goals

August monthly recap
Goals for September

August is coming to an end.
Here is a look back at our August.

My kids went back to school!

Our lives have been consumed with 
watching our boy play football.

We really enjoyed watching the eclipse.
Our town was in the path of totality
so we got to see it 100% from our 
front yard.
It was one of the coolest things I've seen in my life.





This DIY Farmhouse Pumpkin Bucket
makes me so excited for fall!

I love this illustration by Leonie Dawson

I love this sign!
Keep Right Art Sign

I'm seriously in love with this whole thing!!
I Dream of Homemaking on IG

How cute is this vintage school supply display by
Vintage Charmhouse on IG



A look back at my goals for August,
how I did on those goals,
and setting my goals for September.

My goals for last month:
Develop a simple exercise routine that I can do daily.
Get a massage- a girl has got to take care of herself!
Go to bed earlier
Read at least 1 self improvement book
Write in journal-I love getting my thoughts out of my head
and onto paper.

-I did pretty good on my goals in August.
-I got a massage.
-I've been reading my fave self help book again.

-I've been writing in my journal a lot.

I still need to do better with an exercise routine 
and going to bed earlier.

My other goals:
-Have a physical
-Do better at writing things in my planner

My goals for last month:
paint Addi's room

paint kitchen table
get a new rug for kitchen
and new curtains for dining room

I got 1 done
I painted my kitchen table.

I am going to continue the rest of 
my goals into next month.
-I will also work on sticking to my cleaning schedule.

My goals for last month:  
Get into a good school routine.  
Plan a vacation for Fall Break in October
Plan parent dates for each of our kids, near the end of the month
to see how each of our kids are
handling the start of school.

-We are getting into a good school routine.
-We decided not to go anywhere for Fall Break.
We will just do some fun things in the Nashville area.
-We are working on getting dates planned with our kids 
(if we can get them to stay home long enough)

My other goals:  
-Have morning family prayer.
-Do better with Family Home Evening.

develop a good blog workflow
use social media better- including scheduling posts
use Pinterest more, especially group boards

I did pretty well with these goals.

-I developed a work flow that is going pretty well.
-The work flow has made it so I'm using social media better as well.
-I joined 5 group boards and am pinning like crazy!

My goals for September:
-Keep up with what I'm doing.
-Work ahead on editorial calendar.


How did you do on your goals for August?
Did you set some for September?