10 things to look forward to this Fall

10 things to look forward to this fall.

fall, look forward, pumpkins

It's September.
So that means its FALL-

even if it's quite warm outside still!


Here are 10 things to look forward to this fall!

1.  Pumpkin Everything

pumpkins, fall, orange, fresh pumpkins, mini pumpkins

Pumpkins are the #1 symbol of fall.
I can't wait to buy some
and pull out all my faux pumpkins and sprinkle that
fall goodness all over my house!

once this year.  I can't wait to make more.
Plus a few more of our favorites
glazed pumpkin cookies, 
pumpkin bread,
pumpkin cake and of course
pumpkin pie.

2.  Cooler Weather

leaves, tree, fall weather, stormy

Not that it's much cooler here in TN yet.
But I look forward to the days of 
not breaking into a sweat just going from
the air conditioned house to the air conditioned car
to the air conditioned store.
I also look forward to the changing leaves,
going for walks and 
sitting outside in the evenings.

3.  Baking

flour, sugar, kitchen aid

Not only do I love to make pumpkin anything,
I love all types of cookies, breads and
desserts of every shape and size!
I especially love baking
when the heat from the oven doesn't make
our kitchen miserable!

4.  Soup

taco soup, chili, corn, beans

Oh soup - how I can't wait for you!
Soup is so comforting and so easy to throw in
the slow cooker!
We love baked potato soup (recipe coming soon),
taco soup, and

5.  Fall Fashion

booties, jeans, buffalo check shirt

I can't wait to wear jeans, flannels,
booties and sweaters!

6.  Football Season

football field, high school football

I know I have talked about this already so much.

Veterans Night, How to Support Football Players

But I just LOVE football season!
It's so much fun sitting at the stadium on
Friday nights to watch my son play!

7.  Halloween

I love the decor, the excitement,
the costumes, the parties and of course the candy!!

8.  Coziness

With the cooler weather,
I look forward to wrapping up in a blanket,
sipping some cider and reading a book.
Or settle in with some popcorn and a movie!!

9.  Thanksgiving

I love when my family gathers in my home and around my table!
I love planning, shopping and cooking 
Thanksgiving dinner.
I think feeding people is my love language!

10.  Planning Christmas!

Getting ready for Christmas is the best part.
I can't wait to sit down with my list
(and with amazon) 
and plan out gifts, decor and activities to
celebrate the most wonderful time of year!

I had to make a printable with all of the best things of fall!!
Feel free to right click, download and print for yourself!


What are you looking forward to this fall?