End of September, October Goals

End of September
October Goals

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Here we are at the end of another month.

September was a very full month for us!

We celebrated 2 birthdays!

My daughter turned 15!

And the baby of the family turned 10!

We also had 2 grandparent visits!

That's always such a fun time!

Of course we are smack dab in the middle 
of football season.

So every Friday night and some Monday's,
we are at the football field.
My son also started for the first time in a Varsity game.
Super exciting!!

I made these necklaces that we wear at every game!


I also did some projects for my church's
Relief Society Craft Night.

I have already posted about the wooden signs.
I will be doing future blog posts about my other projects
like the baking tea towel and the ruler print holder.


September Blog Posts

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September Inspiration

I already posted a bunch of inspiration here,
but since this is my favorite time of year
I found more.


September Goals

A look back at my goals for Sepetember,
how I did on those goals,
with new goals for October!


My goals for September were 
-get a physical
-write things in my planner 
-get into an exercise routine

Well, I did get a physical.
I am perfectly healthy, thankyouverymuch.

I started my day a few times with a
walk in the gorgeous morning.
Then Tennessee decided to go back to
summer and it was TOO hot!!

Hopefully the weather is going to cool down a bit
and I can get back into walking.

My goals for October

-get into a good morning routine after waking up
-go for a walk or get other exercise daily
-continue writing in my journal
- go to bed earlier (this will probably always be on there)
-try to erase busyness from my vocabulary


My goals for September were 
-paint Addi's room
-get a new rug for our kitchen
-get new curtains for dining room
-stick to my cleaning schedule

I searched and searched and
finally found a new rug for my kitchen.
I'm so excited!!

The rest of my goals, well,
I'm easily distracted
and decided to rearrange and redecorate
my boys room.

My goals for October

-get my house decorated for Fall/Halloween
-finish the redo in my boys' room
-paint the boys' room and Addi's room
- clean and reorganize my craft room


My goals for last month:  -Have morning family prayer.
-Do better with Family Home Evening.

We didn't do so hot with these.
Now that my 2 older kids are in high 
school, we are pulled in many different directions.
We need to do way better at this!

My goals for October

-have a great time on Fall Break
-eat dinner together as much as possible
-have game nights on Sunday evening
-facetime with extended family


My only goal was to work ahead on my editorial calendar.
I still need to do that.

My goals for October

-work ahead on editorial calendar
-get into a better daily routine of blog work
-use a work flow chart


Do you set goals for the month?

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