Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Halloween Trick or Treat bag, freezer paper stencil

Halloween Trick or Treat Bag
made with a freezer paper stencil

skull trick or treat bag, poison trick or treat bag, canvas bag

I am a brand ambassador for Oriental Trading Company.
I received products in exchange for this blog post.
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It's October.
Time for all things Halloween!

The first project I tackled this year is
Trick or Treat bags!

blank white canvas bags

I found these blank canvas bags at Oriental Trading.

I decided to stencil them with
a freezer paper technique.

silhouette, cut freezer paper

I designed my images and words 
in the Silhouette design software.
I flipped the images horizontally so it would cut backward.
I'll explain why I did that in a minute.
I used the vellum setting on my Silhouette.

silhouette, cut freezer paper

I used Reynolds Freezer Paper. (amazon affiliate link)

The trick to cutting freezer paper without it tearing 
is to load the paper onto the mat backwards,
or shiny side up.
That helps it to stick to the mat 
so the fragile freezer paper doesn't tear.
That's why the image has to be flipped horizontally before 
sending to the cutting machine.

After the image was cut,
I used my handy dandy spatula (similar here) to pry
everything off the mat.

The back side (shiny side) of the freezer paper
has wax on it,
so when it's ironed on to fabric,
the wax melts.
The freezer paper then becomes a stencil.

The paint will bleed through the fabric,
so you need to put something inside.
I put another sheet of freezer paper, ironed inside.

to apply the paint.

Make sure that the stippling brush is straight up
and down.
Then pounce the brush.
Do not drag it.
Otherwise the paint could seep
underneath the stencil.

It looks kinda crazy when the stippling is done.

But after peeling off the freezer paper,
the paint turns out fantastic!!

I was on a roll, so
I made a few other trick or treat bags.

They will be perfect for my 3 rugrats!

Oriental Trading has many different 
treats for Halloween!

If you're not into candy,
there are many other options
like hollow pumpkins to fill with tattoos,
spider rings and other fun Halloween goodies!

Of course there are tons of 
candy choices, of  every shape and size! Yum!

Give the freezer paper stencil a try!
and let me know if you do!

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  1. This is such a cute idea, those bags turned out perfect!! I've got a little boy due in March and cannot wait to start doing fun Fall crafts for him!!

    1. Crafting with kids is the best! Congrats on your new little one!

  2. How cute are they! That's such a great, cost effective idea. We go to a get together every year with tons of kids, it would be super fun to make these for the group. Thanks so much for posting.

  3. This is so much fun. Would be a cool "boo it forward" gift!

  4. I love this idea and tutorial! This is a great party idea!

  5. This bag turned out awesome. So many ideas going on in my brain now.

  6. What a great idea. I'd like to do this to some of my market bags!

  7. Okay, this has to be the cutest Halloween related craft I have seen in years! I love the oriental trading bags too and have used them as party favor bags in the past. These are so adorable, wish I could buy from you, lol!

    1. Ah, thanks so much! I'd be happy to make you some!

  8. These are so dang cute!! I would have never thought to make my own trick-or-treat bags for the kiddos, but seeing how cute these turned out has inspired me.

  9. What a fun idea Candice. I've always wanted to try using freezer paper to make stencils. Thank goodness you shared how you did, else I would have done it all wrong

    1. Freezer paper is a great thing to work with. Super simple!

  10. How adorable! Love them! Thanks for sharing with us at The Creative Circle Link Party!


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