6 ways to make your home COZY for Fall

Ways to make your home
for Fall!

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The weather outside is cooling down, the leaves are changing and 
it's finally starting to feel like Fall here.

So today I'm sharing 6 ways to 
make your home more cozy for Fall.

1.  Lamps

lamp, goodwill lamp, lamp makeover

I have lamps all over my house.
They add so much warm light and ambiance to a room.

I love this lamp especially.
When I got it at Goodwill, it was an ugly gold color.
I spray painted it black and added a new shade.

lamp on a time, wall timer, lamp timer

One of my favorite tricks is to put my lamps
on an outlet timer*.

It automatically turns the lamps on/off at 
preset times.

We never have to come home to a dark house
because we always have a lamp on with the timer.


2.  Scent/Candles

scent, wax warmer, pumpkins, spindle candle sticks

Another way to make your home cozy is with scent.
Fall scents are the best!

I can't seem to get enough of 
outlet plug ins, wax warmers and candles.

candles, burn candles, candle on kitchen table, plaid plates

Candles have the added benefit of the flame giving 
off cozy light as well!


3.  Throw pillows

throw pillows, brown leather couches

Throw pillows add so much coziness to
a couch or sofa.
They add softness and texture to my
big, brown, but oh so comfy leather furniture!

throw pillows, pillow covers, black and white pillow covers

I have feather pillow inserts and 
I simply change the pillow covers.

I usually sew my own covers with this tutorial.
Pillow covers are very inexpensive and 
much easier to store than a full pillow.


4.  Throw blankets

fall-cozy-halloween-plaid blanket

Another way to make your house cozy
is to have throw blankets sitting around.

I drape them over my couch
(as seen in the picture in the throw pillow section).

throw blankets, basket of blankets

I also keep a basket of blankets close by.
They are the best to snuggle up with for movie night!


5.  Baking

kitchen aid mixer, jars, baking supplies, glass jars, metal scoops

Baking adds so much coziness to your home.

I keep jars* (with metal scoops*) of flour, sugar and oatmeal
next to my kitchen aid mixer.*

That way I am always ready to bake a batch of cookies
or banana crumb muffins. 
And the smell of baked goods...
oh that's just cozy right there!!


6.  Warm Drinks

warm drinks, cocoa, marshmallows, hot chocolate, white mugs

Another great way to make your home cozy for Fall
is to keep warm drinks on hand.

We love apple cider* and plain old hot chocolate.
Seriously the best hot chocolate I have found is the 
Walmart brand milk chocolate flavor.  Yum!

I keep tons of white mugs, drink mixes and 
marshmallows on hand.
Nothing makes you cozier on a cool day 
than a warm drink in your belly!

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