Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

It's crunch time!  
Christmas is just 10 days away.

I'd like to tell you that I'm all done

with my shopping 
and am spending my days singing Christmas carols 
and baking Christmas cookies.
But that's a lie.

If you're like me and still need some gift ideas,

I have some for men,
women, teens and kids.

men gifts, women gifts, teen gifts, kids gifts

And most of them are Amazon Prime 
so they will be here in time for Christmas.

This post contains affiliate links.*
I make a small commission from purchases made from links 
at no additional cost to you!


The men on my list are the hardest for
me to shop for!  
Here are some great ideas:

This little key chain has a ruler,
a wrench, a carabiner clip, a bottle opener
a box cutter and a screwdriver.
So handy!

credit card multi tool*
This tool, that's the size of a credit card has
a knife, a compass, a toothpick,
tweezers and a bottle opener.

Emergency kit*
This survival kit would be great for any
man in your life!
It has a compass, flashlight, whistle,
firestarter, multipurpose bracelets,
wire saw, emergency blanket and more.



farmhouse hand towels*
What women wouldn't love
some new hand towels.
Especially some as cute as these!

My good scissors have a way of
walking off.  Even my bad scissors seem to never be
where I need them.
A few extra pair would come in handy!

Oh man, my feet would love to
be pampered in these babies!

tea towel, oven mitt, wooden spoons

If you're looking for a handmade gift,
tea towels are easy and inexpensive to whip up
really quickly!


Teen Girls

This little holder would be awesome
for the girl in your life who loves to polish her nails.
And with this, maybe the polish wouldn't
spill all over her carpet.
Not that it's ever happened in our house.

Some cute magnetic bookmarks would be
great for the gal who loves to read!

Fluffy blankets are super popular gifts
for my teens and their friends.
Get one in your recipients favorite color.

If you know a teen girl, then you know she takes selfies.
Lots and Lots of selfies.
This ring light goes on
their smart phone to produce
good light for their selfie.


Teen Boys

metal tumbler*
My son and his friends love these metal tumblers.

and you can personalize it with vinyl 

Athletic socks are always a good idea.

Most teen boys love sports
and would love to model a jersey supporting
their favorite team!  
Or an awesome retro one like this!

My kids are big readers
and stay up late reading.
These little book lights would come in
so handy for them!

Pre teen Boys

My son is a HUGE nerf fan!
The rival series is like paint ball
except these balls don't explode. 
This is for sure on his wish list!

This desk calendar would make a great
gift for any sports enthusiast in your life!

I sure wish this was available when
my kids were younger.
It would be so cool to make a car
track anywhere!

Even though my kids are almost out
of the Lego stage,
they may or may not be getting this lego tape.
How cool is this to make any surface a 
Lego play space!


I received a dot earlier this year.
It took me a bit to start using it,
but now it's a part of the family.
I use it as a music player, timer, a weatherman
and more!
Some of my family members may be
receiving these so we can tether them 
together to use as an intercom system.
They are a FANTASTIC price right now!
Hurry and grab them.

We use our electric tea kettle every day
in the winter.
We heat up water for oatmeal,
hot chocolate and cider.
It heats up a lot of water very quickly
without having to use the stove top!

I am so not a morning person. 
This alarm clock would be great
to help me wake up in the morning.

u speaker, mini speaker

not an affiliate link, just an awesome product!

I bought one of these for
my husband for Christmas.
It's a tiny little speaker but has a big sound.
It's a little bit bigger than a quarter.
He loves music so I think it will make the perfect gift.
I may need to do a- 
to me, from me gift of one of these as well!


If you're still searching for ideas,
I hope this list helps.

If you have any great gift ideas,
I'd love to hear about it in the comments!