Tuesday, January 30, 2018

10 self care ideas for moms

One of my goals for 2018
is to take better care of myself.

You are responsible for taking care of you.
You alone are the only one that knows your limits.
You cannot take care of anyone else 
if you're not taking care of yourself.

These truths are some that I am working
hard to listen to and incorporate into my life.

It is not anyone else's job to notice you and care for you.
It's not that others don't care about you,
it's that they don't live inside your body and your mind
and know everything that's going on.

I have not always been good at taking care of myself.
I have expected others to notice and take care of me.
That is putting my happiness and
my power to make myself happy into the hands of others.
In order to take better care of myself,
I need a plan!

Here are 10 ideas for self care for moms.

How are you fueling your body?
Are you grabbing a granola bar on the run
or eating left over chicken nuggets?
In order for your body to function properly,
you need to nourish it!
Protein rich foods give lasting energy
to keep up with the demands in your life!

I should have put this number one
because this is SO IMPORTANT!
Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night
or even more if that's what you require.

I know, your kids aren't sleeping through
the night.  And even if they are, after they are in bed
is the only time you have to do anything.
I have been there! I think we all have been!
But if you make an effort to get as
much sleep as possible,
you will be surprised at how much 
better you feel and how much
more productive you are.  It's 100% worth it!

drink water
I swear, most problems could 
be solved if we all would drink more water.
Water clears skin, makes you feel full, 
keeps your skin, hair and lips moisturized, 
increases energy,
boosts immune system,
helps with headaches and so much more!

develop hobbies
Find things that interest you!
Do you like to read?  Crochet? 
Bake? Garden?
Craft?  (I may know someone who
has some crafting tutorials)

Do something to not be
someone's mom or wife.
Do something to just be yourself.

black nike shoes, joggers

If you work out, you will not only be healthy
enough to take care of others, 
you will feel better about yourself.
You will have more energy,
you will sleep better,
you will look better and
you will have better health.
I have a few easy fitness ideas here.

spend time with 
people who lift you up
Be around people who make you laugh.
Have someone to talk to that can calm you down
when you're upset.
You definitely need someone to bounce ideas off of,
who believes in you and encourages you!

take care of your body
Get or give yourself a pedicure!
Get your hair done!
When you're scheduling dr visits for your family,
don't forget to schedule one for yourself!
Most adults don't get physicals
and only go to the doctor when very ill.
Also don't forget about going
to the dentist every 6 months.

take care of mental health
Take days off from your normal routine.
Read uplifting books.
Be very careful with negative self talk-
Do Not be a bully to yourself!

Heavenly Father loves you quote, Thomas S Monson

take care of 
spiritual health
Spend time reading scriptures
and writing spiritual promptings in your journal.
Read uplifting stories that inspire you
to do better!

learn to say no
There will always be things to do,
events to attend
and people to help!
But do not say yes to everything asked of you.
Know your boundaries and limits.
Take time to evaluate
each task to manage your limited time wisely


You are responsible for taking care of you.
You alone are the only one that knows your limits.
You cannot take care of anyone else if you're not taking care of yourself.

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