Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Monthly Favorites- January

January was the longest, shortest month ever!
Each cold and dreary day seemed to 
pass so slowly, but yet I blinked.
Now Boom- we are in February!

Today I'm sharing a list of 
my favorite things 
that helped me to get through January!

red jelly hearts, batteries,

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The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

the greatest showman sound track

Did you see this movie?
If not, you need to go.
And then after you go
or maybe even before-
download the music.
You won't be sorry.
Unless you get tired of singing
songs that are happy and uplifting!
Love, Love, Love!!

Cherry Jelly Hearts

cherry jelly hearts

One of my favorite things about
Valentine's Day is
that Dollar Tree carries these
bits of deliciousness!
No other brand is as good as these
cheapy jelly hearts!

Downy Scent Boosters

downy scent beads, fabric drawstring sacks

The smell of fresh laundry is the best!
If I had lots of money I would hire
someone to wash my linens daily!
But since I'm stuck doing the laundry,
I cheat a bit and add these 
scented sachets around my house.
My linen closet and sock drawer smell amazing!

Weekly Planning

planner, planner stickers, chores, sports stickers

I got back into my habit of planning.
I found an inexpensive planner 
at a local discount store. 
Then used a plethora of planner 
stickers to cute-it-up!

Next Level Life podcast
the next level life, preston pugmire

Are you a podcast fan?  
I have only recently started listening more.
But can I tell you?
If you are looking to level up
your life in any way,
you need to listen to this!!

Rechargeable Batteries

rechargeable batteries, AA batteries, USB rechargeable batteries

My son received an XBOX One
for Christmas.
Since the controller takes AA batteries
we go through them like crazy!
I love these USB rechargeable batteries


secret to happy marriage

I love reading good self help books
because I don't think a person
can ever better themselves enough!

I read these books last
month and loved them both!

I would definitely recommend these if you
are looking to improve yourself
in any way!

Positive Affirmations

daily affirmations

Words have power. The way we speak to ourselves
has power. The more positive
we speak to ourselves, the more 
positive we can put into the world!


These are some of the things I have
loved over the last month.
What are some of your favorite things?

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