11 rules for Social Media

There has been so much talk
about the negatives of social media lately.
There's ugliness, shaming, judging and comparison.
All because not everyone gets it.

It is that we are in charge of
how we use social media!

So today I want to share
11 rules for Social Media.

social media, rules

Every time you turn on your computer,
or pick up your phone,
you are making a choice!

Here are some social media rules
for choosing wisely!

1.  No one chooses your feelings for you.
No one forces you to feel bad, be envious etc.
You CHOOSE those feelings!

2.  We are each responsible for the things
WE do and say.  No matter what 
anyone else is doing.

3.  We don't get to tell anyone else
(ok other than your kids or husband :))
what they can or cannot spend their 
money or time on.
Nor do we get to choose what anyone 
else blogs about or puts on Instagram.
Let them post about their fancy cars and houses, 
their gorgeous hair and make up.
(See rule 1 and 2)
We are only in charge of ourselves.
If looking at someone else's blog or IG 
makes you feel inferior, 

4.  There is enough room on
the internet and in real life for all of us.
No one takes all of the awesome.
We can all be awesome!

5.  There is always going to be someone 
who has something newer
 or does something better than you.
That does not diminish 
how freaking fantastic you are!!

6.  You won't ever be as good as another person.
You can only be as good as you.
And you are the BEST YOU there is!

7.  Stop comparing yourself to
those on the internet.
The only person you need to be better than
is the person you were yesterday!
Remember that most photos are staged  
and that most people only share the 
high points in their life.
Stop comparing!

8.  We are all imperfect human beings!
All of those perfect appearing people
have faults, stresses and struggles too.
We all have them!

9.  You will never be happy with your life
until you are happy with yourself.
So stop wishing for their car, their house,
their hair, their husband and start
working on loving yourself and building
a life that you love!

10.  Talk openly and often with kids 
about all of the dangers of social media!
If adults have struggles with it,
image what kids are going through!

11.  Get off the Computer!
Put down your phone!
Go live your life!