Friday, February 23, 2018

6 housekeeping hacks to work smarter not harder

Housekeeping is a job we all have to do!
It is never ending!

There are a few simple things you can do
to make the job so much easier!!

housekeeping hacks, easy things to do to make housekeeping easier

I use these tips in my house
and am able to keep my house clean most of the time!

1.  make your bed

Making your bed sets the tone for the day.
It's one thing off your to do list,
and makes you feel so accomplished!  

It seems to set a chain reaction
so that I am always able to accomplish 
more when my bed is made!

BTW- my boys room rarely looks like this!
I sure wish I could convince them
of rule #1.  

2.  give everything in your home a
parking space

A place for everything,
and everything in it's place!

We have shoe bins and hooks
near our back door.
When my kids come home from school,
they know to put their shoes in their bin.

They also know to hang their
jackets and backpacks on their hooks.
In the mornings when we are in a hurry,
lost shoes and missing backpacks are not a problem,
because they are put away in their spot.

Now this process didn't happen naturally.
It took A LOT of reminders
on my part to get my kids to
do this, but now they do it habitually.

3.  do one chore a day

Nothing overwhelms me more than
when my house is a mess!
I get grumpy, my productivity tanks and 
my creativity isn't as plentiful!

But if I do one housekeeping chore every day,
I am able to keep up with it!
My cleaning schedule works like a charm!
Our house stays mostly clean
and I'm only spend a small amount of time each day
to keep it that way.

4.  touch things only once

I open the mail as soon as I pick it up 
from the mailbox.
I file my bills, put any action items
in their spot and recycle the junk.
I pay all my bills online, so I also immediately 
recycle all of the envelopes that come
with the bills.

The same goes for dishes.
When I am cooking dinner, I wash used pans 
and load the dishwasher as I use items.
That way I don't have an enormous pile of dishes sitting in the sink.
After dinner, everyone in our family is responsible for
loading their own dishes into the dishwasher.
We do not put things in the sink to be done later.

5. straighten in the am and pm

After getting my kids off to school,
I usually spend about 10 minutes walking around
straightening the house.
I pick up items left out in the morning rush.
I put my kids' stuff on the stairs for my kids to take
care of when they get home.

At night, after everyone has gone to bed,
I do the same thing.
It helps to keep things tidy, 
and not wake up to a huge mess!

6.  make things pretty

I don't know about you, but I'm much more likely 
to keep things clean when they look nice.
There are just some things that aren't 
visually attractive like the router or xbox.  
While I don't have a choice where these things
are plugged in because of cable hook ups,
I try to make them look as nice as possible.

We store our router behind the books
on our entertainment center.
Video games and controllers
are stored in the baskets.


A few simple hacks
makes housekeeping so much easier!

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