13 ways to reset your mood

We all have bad days.  We all get in bad moods.  We all need ways to reset our moods every now and then.

Here are  13 Ways to Reset Your Mood

13 ways to reset your mood when your are grumpy

Turn up the music and dance.
Put on some upbeat music and move your body!  Making your heart beat faster releases endorphins which improves your mood!

Go for a walk.
Again, moving your body releases endorphins.  Being outside also has magical healing properties. (those are some real scientific reasons!)

Write in your journal.
Writing your feelings down gets them out of your head so you can move on.

Take a hot (or cold) shower.
A hot shower when it's cold, or a cool shower when it's hot is so comforting!

Make a win list.
I keep a running list on my phone of all of the good things I've either done or experienced!  When the times come that I'm in a bad mood, I can refer to this list to see all of the happy's in my life!

Get out of your house or office.
Go get a treat, go for a quick walkgo out for lunch,  or go window shopping (especially to Anthropology, where even the walls are inspiring).

Call a friend.
Talking to another person, sharing your life can really help you feel better!  Be careful with complaining too much.  That will have the opposite effect!

Listen to a self help podcast or an uplifting talk.
I've been listening to a bunch of 'self help' podcasts lately.  It's like getting therapy.  When I finish listening to encouraging words, I just want to do better and be better!

Even if it's fake.  Smiling tricks your brain into thinking your happy.  Then before you know it, you are happy!

Put a little extra time in on your hair and make up.
When you look good, you feed good and can do good.

Clean something.
As I scrub soap scum out of my shower, I get my negative energy out and have a positive result of a clean shower.

Reorganize your sock or junk drawer.
Bringing order to a place in your house can bring order to your mind, which will then make you happier!

Serve someone else.
The BEST way to make yourself happier is to forget yourself and help someone else.  Take a mom a meal.  Take a drink to a friend.  Even doing something for a member of your family will help!


I hope some of these tips will help you when you need a reset to your mood!