How to update your decor with plants for Spring

Bring on the sunshine,
and the flowers,
and the plants.
Lots and lots of plants.
I love spreading Spring around my house with green!

greenery, plants, faux plants, real plants, spring

I'm not super picky about plants.
As long as they look good,
I'm good.

Faux, real, whatever!

apothecary jar, plant in glass jar, ivy plant

I had an apothecary jar in my cupboard
without a top.
I wasn't sure what it could still be used for and almost got rid of it.

I still really liked the shape
so I decided to use it for a plant.

glass jar, ivy, plant, rocks, potting soil

I put rocks in the bottom for drainage,
 and filled the rest of the vessel 
 with potting soil.

Then I added plants.

ice cubes, glass jar, plant

To water this plant
I stick in a few ice cubes once a week.

faux succulents, chicken feeder, farmhouse decor

works great to add some green
 to the top of the cupboard in our living room.

topiary, diy topiary

I especially like adding green to 
my already existing decor,

diy topiary, faux plants that look real, farmhouse decor

This plant is 2 small bushes 
stuck together to form a topiary,
planted in a painted terra cotta pot.

plants in old tin, plants in ramekins

On the window ledge, above the kitchen sink
is a perfect place to put plants
because of the natural light that comes in.

I planted a mini rose bush in an old container
from the flea market.
I also used ramekins for small plants beside it.

I added a fresh lavender plant
in the bathroom.
This is a bright room, 
perfect for a lavender plant that loves full sun.

In our other bathroom,
I put one faux and one real plant
in small metal candle cups.

Even my desk got in on the plant action
with a mini gerbera daisy.


plant sources:
faux topiary:  Hobby Lobby
mini rose bush, gerber daisy, ramekin plants:  Trader Joes
ivy and taller plant in apothecary jar, lavender:  Lowes
plants in metal cups:  Michaels and Trader Joes


These small touches
add fresh life to the spaces in my home!

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