Friday, March 2, 2018

St Patrick's Day Decorations

I switched up my Valentine's Day Decor
for St. Patrick's Day Decor.  

And I only spent $2.

Come check it out!

shamrock sticks,eucalyptus, st patricks day centerpiece

Holiday decorating is totally my jam!
Not spending a lot is also my jam!

I was really excited to challenge myself to 
not spend a bunch of money
as I decorated for St. Patrick's Day.

shamrock centerpiece, diy paper shamrock sticks

I bought a piece of green glitter foam
on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $.25.
I hand cut shamrocks from it.

shamrock sticks, diy paper shamrocks, table centerpiece

Then I used cardstock, stickers, ribbon
and other items in my craft supplies
to make Shamrock sticks.
I put eucalyptus in a vase I already had
and stuck the sticks in.

 Next, the mantel.

The base is a DIY chicken wire message board
that I also used for Valentine's Day.
Then I added a bunch of banners.

I saw a cute gold LUCKY banner at
Target and decided to make a knock off.

I was going to buy gold cardstock
but it was $2 for each 12 x 12.
Instead I bought 1 piece of gold poster paper
for $1.19.
I used 2 12x12 squares of it,
(and still have a bunch left over for another project)
to cut out shamrocks and "lucky" letters
with my silhouette.
I also cut green shamrocks from card stocks and 
strung the green and gold on cotton string.

st patricks day banners, mantel decor, knock off Target lucky banner, rainbow paper chain banner

I made an old-school rainbow paper chain
by cutting strips of paper, 
4 in x 1/2 in, then stapled them.

The other shamrock wooden and wire banner 
is one I've for so long that 
I don't even remember where I got it.

I seem to use my candlesticks made from old
spindles every chance I get.
I'll do a post about them soon.

Love to see the mantel with the table centerpiece.

seeded eucalyptus, lightboard, tool boxes

I added a few small touches to 

To a large jar of eucalyptus
I added some rainbow ribbons
and wooden shamrocks
my kids painted a few years back.

See a tutorial to make
the black name sign here.

Tell me, do you like holiday decorating?
What holds you back from doing so?

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