Friday, April 20, 2018

What to take with you to the Flea Market

It's Spring
so that means Flea Market season!

Have you ever wondered what to take with 
you to the Flea Market?

Well, if you have, you've come to the right place!

What to take with you to the Flea Market.  List of items to take with you to the flea market to make your trip more enjoyable!

My local flea market is the Nashville Flea Market.  
It is held at the Nashville Fairgrounds.
The parking lot is at street level,
but the fairgrounds are quite a hike up a hill.
Wearing comfy shoes is a must!!! 

What to take with you to the Flea Market.  What to take with you when you visit the Nashville Flea Market

It is so worth that hike up the hill
because the Nashville Flea Market is AWESOME!!
There are many vendors inside,
in climate controlled buildings,
and a bunch outside.

The weather in Nashville can be a little unpredictable.
It could be hot and it could be chilly.
So I always check the weather and wear layers.

I always take a cart to haul all of my treasures.

I actually bought this vintage shopping cart at the flea market.  

I sprayed some sealer on it to keep the rust 
from getting on everything.

It folds flat to store easily.

I like to stick a reusable shopping back down 
in the bottom of the cart to keep my purchases from falling
through the holes.

The next time I go to the flea market (4th weekend of the month)
I am going to take this wagon for a test drive.

It's so easy to pull and I think I can fit more stuff in it!

It also folds flat for storage.

Rather than carry a purse, I carry a simple tote bag.
It can haul my wallet and all of my other essential items,
as well as any small purchases.

This tote bag is my favorite!
Look at how small my babes were!

The most important thing to bring is CASH!
Some vendors take cards, 
but cash is always king!
There is an ATM at the flea market if you forget, or need more.

Most of my favorite booths are outside
in the animal stalls.
That means there is a lot of dirt and a lot of dust.
I always bring hand sanitizer and wipes to keep my hands clean.

There are also bathrooms inside the buildings with running water.

A tape measure is a good thing
to have on hand to measure your purchases.
Nothing worse than buying something and figuring out it won't fit 
in the spot you have planned for it, or even worse, 
not fit in your vehicle to take it home!

I always bring a water bottle and a few snacks.
Food and drinks are for sale at the flea market,
but I'd rather save my money to score treasures!


I have had the best time
and found the best stuff at the Nashville Flea Market.

The flea market is such a good place to score
one of a kind treasures.

I found all of these vintage lamp pieces!

I used them to make Repurposed metal candle holders.

I can't wait to see what I find on my next trip!

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